After a brief social media hiatus, the Busbys are back! Unfortunately, they haven’t exactly received a warm welcome. The stars of TLC‘s hit show OutDaughtered have shared several snaps since Adam first revealed they were forced to “relocate,” but there’s one pic, in particular, that’s now causing controversy among fans. Watch the video above to see the photo and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

On Sunday, Dec. 16, Adam’s wife, Danielle, posted a pic on Instagram of Hazel. One commenter, however, was distracted by the fenceless pool in the background. “Why doesn’t the pool have a fence around it?” they questioned, to which Dani (can we call her that??) clapped back, “We just moved into this lease house and they came to get ale [sic] measurement and it’s on order. Don’t worry… I’m paranoid without the fence. Ready for it to come get installed!” You tell ’em.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the reality stars have been parent-shamed. Last year, Adam was slammed for pulling a prank on his quintuplet daughters. The 36-year-old had been doing “Daddy ScareCam” videos where he would come up behind the girls and make loud noises, but many fans thought it was “mean” rather than funny.

Luckily, others came to their defense. “It’s a bummer that certain people have to ruin such a sweet and innocent post,” wrote one fan at the time. “Either way I thought it was cute; be careful Adam, Hazel Basil is going to get back at you lol.” Plenty of others agreed, saying things like, “He’s having fun!” and “The kids are smiling!”

Sigh. We’re sure these two are doing a fabulous job raising their rambunctious girls. So in the words of Ariana Grande, thank u, next.

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