Remember what it was like being a little kid and finding your way into mom’s makeup bag for a little game of dress up? It turns out, being the adult and finding a little kid all smeared in lipstick is almost as fun (except for the fact that you know exactly how much that now depleted tube of lipstick cost). Recently, Danielle Busby had just one of those moments when she discovered a couple of her quints all covered in pink lipstick — only they hadn’t used it on their lips. Watch the video above to see what she posted and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Now that’s going to take more than a few makeup wipes to clean up! Luckily, not all the quints had gotten themselves into trouble. According to the OutDaughtered star’s Instagram story, Olivia had run to mommy to tattle, and Hazel was also quick to point out that she didn’t have any lipstick on at all — not even on her mouth. We gotta say, though, that Riley’s application actually isn’t so bad! Sure, that’s not where lip color usually goes, but hey, we love a girl who’s confident mixing and matching products to try out new styles. And she did a great job evenly applying the color, at least other than the smears on her chin. We don’t hate this look!

Now, the quints just need to get a few more lessons from mom, and they’ll be good to go. Even big sister Blayke could probably help out! Danielle and her eldest daughter are already passing down other skills and hobbies to the five youngest girls — like teaching them how to do a handstand in places they’ve traveled. It’s a pretty cute tradition, one that the mother of six started years ago, and it’s even cuter now that her daughters are joining in. When the family visited Los Angeles, they hit the beach at Santa Monica to do some handstands in the sand, and Danielle called the picture of them her favorite by far. We can’t wait to see where the family handstands next.

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