How flippin’ cute! Danielle Busby shared an Instagram video of her little quintuplets excitedly waiting to make their way to gymnastics. While wearing all different variations of gymnastic attire, the Busby tots showed that they were fashionably ready to hit the balance beam. Watch the precious video above.

Mama Busby started off the cutest chain of events by saying, “Off to gymnastics.” The quintuplets all took turns echoing their mother and waving. Ava and Olivia mirrored each other with matching leotards. Together, they rocked a mostly-black bodysuit that gave the illusion of a neon pink belt with a matching shoulder and blue side panels. What topped off the adorable athletic wear was the sequin pattern on the front. Hazel, Parker, and Riley matched their siblings by wearing triangle-pattern leotards with a combination of the same colors. 

Danielle captioned the precious moment, “Seriously!! Can not take the cuteness of Quint Gymnastics” — and we can’t agree more! But Hazel sneakily stole the show from her sisters. The tiny tot was caught doing a little jig at the end of the recording. Fans commented on the OutDaughtered‘s star shining moment, saying “I love Hazel’s sassy dance with her hands on her hips,” while others pointed out her different hairstyle: “Hazel’s pigtails ?she is too cute!!”

We seriously can’t believe how fast the little girls have been growing up! Last month, Adam Busby revealed that the quintuplets have already started Pre-K. The pack was all smiles in their school-inspired outfits and they made us feel like proud parents, too! 

We can’t wait to see a followup video of the little crew in their gymnastics class!

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