As Hurricane Harvey wreaked destruction across southeast Texas — bringing heavy rain and deadly flooding to the area — TLC fans wondered how their new favorite reality TV family the Busbys from OutDaughtered were faring in the dangerous weather conditions. Many of them left tons of concerned comments on social media and while patriarch Adam Busby and his wife Danielle Busby seem to be getting along well given the circumstances — that wasn’t the case for their family members.

Last week, Adam took to Facebook Live to give fans an update and said that he’s seen a lot of devastation among their neighbors in Texas, and he sent his thoughts and prayers out to everyone who has been directly affected by the storm. Danielle’s mom Michelle — known as Mimi to her granddaughters — also lives in the area but she wasn’t so lucky in the storm. Her house was flooded with well over a foot of water, but she’s safe because she was able to evacuate on time.

But now that the storm has blown over, Danielle and Adam and the rest of the family came together to return to Mimi’s house and help her with the cleanup efforts. “We have thrown out MiMi’s entire house today, it’s devastating,” they wrote in an update on Facebook. “Though stuff is just stuff and can always be replaced, it’s not easy tossing your belongings. One thing is for sure, we all stick together and will make it through!”

Danielle shared an update in a recent blog post on how her mom is doing: “My Mom, MiMi, as well as tons of other close friends of ours have lost everything. We were not able to get into MiMi house for about 4 days after the storm due to the high water. We had to throw away pretty much EVERYTHING. It has been very emotional…having to throw away family heirlooms, photos from when we were all kids…just… all around our memories.”

Adam explained how they family has tried to keep themselves and the kids safe throughout the storm. “We’ve been kind of hunkered down for the past few days,” the father-of-six told fans, and explained that the family has been tuning into the news reports to get regular updates on the flooding. “That’s pretty much all we’ve been doing — and trying to get out of the house in between rain bands.”

Danielle updated their blog on Wednesday, Aug. 30 to give an update on how they’re doing and also explained how she keeps her kids busy while indoors.

“Both Adam and I grew up in Louisiana and have experienced hurricane after hurricane all our years there… but never have we had to experience a hurricane with our kids, not even with Blayke,” Danielle wrote. “We thankfully did not have to evacuate during Harvey but what we did have to do was find TONS of ways to keep these kids entertained hour after hour, without being able to [go] outside. This was super challenging because, on just a normal day, these kids have to get out of the house daily so we don’t all go bananas. So it was activity after activity, upstairs, downstairs… back up stairs.”

“Luckily we’re in a two-story house — we can always go up,” Adam said about their home. “We have power, we have internet. Our spirits are high, our hearts are heavy for the people that haven’t fared so well in this area and around the state of Texas.” Danielle added, “We are praying for our community! It is powerful seeing everyone come together during a tragedy.”

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