Each week, fans of TLC’s hit show OutDaughtered learn more and more about Adam and Danielle Busby — the parents of America’s only all-girl set of quintuplets in the country. Yet tonight’s episode was particularly moving. After Adam revealed last month that he suffers from postpartum depression, we’re now gaining more insight into his condition and the difficulty he faced when confronting his father.

During a trip to Lake Charles, LA to visit his parents, Danielle suggested Adam talk to his dad before seeking the help of a therapist. Although the two are close, he admitted he was nervous about the conversation. “I’m not really ready to talk to my dad, but since he came out here, this is probably the only real opportunity that I’ll have,” He continued, “This is going to be so much harder — how do you tell your dad that you’re suffering from depression?”

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adam busby

Adam and his father in Lake Charles, LA discussing Adam’s PPD.

However, after sitting with him for a few minutes, the 35-year-old — who is a father to Blayke, 6, as well as two-year-old quints — was able to open up. “I think Danielle and I are great, being able to manage and take care of the kids and stuff like that,” he said. “But then you get through half the week and you realize you’ve barely told your wife ‘hi’ because you’re just so busy. And then by the time all the girls are down to sleep, you’ve got to clean up the kitchen, wash dishes. You’re just exhausted and done.”

Luckily, his father reassured him. “Part of the stuff that you’re experiencing is normal parenting — times five,” said his dad. “And you and Danielle, I’m sure people would feel that if y’all grabbed your shirts and opened them up, there’d be a big S [for superhero] right there. But I know there has to be days where you don’t feel that way.” He added, “We’re all flawed, but when you start getting bogged down… you need some help.”

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While the episode aired, Adam took to Twitter to gush about his sweet dad. He wrote, “Everyone needs a dad like mine… He is something special.” A fan commented, “Yes! I wish we had more examples of men like you and your dad. Especially in the South, where some think there’s only one way to be a man.”

Adam concluded the conversation, “We knew that signing up to have our family documented for OutDaughtered that every aspect of our lives was going to be showcased on television. Because of this, we wanted to make sure that we were as real as possible,” he said. “This meant not only showing the fun and exciting times of being a parent, but also the hard times, the stressful times, and the messy times.” He continued, “I’d be doing an extreme disservice to our fans if I hid this from the public and wasn’t honest with them, and I know I’m not alone and I want others to know they aren’t either. I want men to feel comfortable opening up about their feelings and expressing the struggles they’re going through. I want to help end the stigma surrounding mental health. The worst thing that you can do is stay silent and try to fix things on your own.”

OutDaughtered airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on TLC.

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