He has some thoughts. O.J. Simpson believes Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness star Carole Baskin played a part in the disappearance of her husband, Don Lewis. If you ask the 72-year-old, the glove definitely fits.

“Listen, I’ve had so many people on my case asking me to watch some show called Tiger King,” the former professional football player said in a Twitter video on Wednesday, April 1. “Well, yesterday I watched this show and oh my God is America in this bad of shape? I watched about six episodes of this show and I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. White people, what’s with you and wild animals? Leave them animals alone. This show is crazy! But it’s so crazy you kind of keep watching,” he ranted. “One thing I will say, there’s not a shred of doubt in my mind that lady’s husband is tiger sashimi right now. I’m just saying!”

Courtesy of Netflix

The owner of Big Cat Rescue and the disgraced celebrity share some interesting commonalities. In 1994, O.J. was tried for the murders of wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. He was found not guilty in 1995 with the help of lawyer and best friend Robert Kardashian Sr.

As for the flower crown lover, she also lost her spouse in a suspicious way, leaving many to believe she was the culprit. Don went missing in 1997 after telling his wife he was taking a trip to Costa Rica, but flight records indicate there was no travel to the island. Two days after he went missing, his van was found at a private airport, although some believe the vehicle was planted. Despite a police investigation, Don was never found and declared dead five years later in 2002, leaving Carole with his immense wealth.



While Carole has continuously stated she did not have any involvement in Don’s disappearance, many believe otherwise. According to the documentary, Don told those close to him he was planning on leaving Carole and hinted at being a victim of domestic violence.

There are several conspiracy theories about what happened to Don and how the Netflix star may have away with her man to obtain his fortune. Enemy and fellow big cat fanatic Joe Exotic believes Don was put in the septic tank underneath Carole’s property. However, his family believes he was put in her meat grinder and served as dinner to the tigers.

We may never know what happened to O.J. and Carole’s spouses, although the conspiracy theories will likely never end.

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