Looks like there’s a little trouble in the family. Recently, Alaskan Bush People star Noah Brown and his fiancée Rhain Merill tied the knot, and it seemed like all the Brown family members were there to support them and show their love. Behind the scenes, though, there’s been more than a little drama going on — especially between the newly dubbed Rhain Brown and Noah’s little sister Rain Brown. Apparently, the teenager and new bride aren’t getting along super well — and Rain has even accused Rhain of stealing her name. 

To the teenager’s credit, she’s got a point. According to Radar, Rhain’s real first name was Ruth before she had it legally changed last year. On the other hand, though, Rain isn’t going by her real first name either. Rain’s full name is actually “Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop Brown,” and no, we’re not joking. The name she goes by is actually a nickname for a middle name. Either way, though, it seems like Rain is calling dibs on the unique moniker, basing her claim on the fact that she had it first. 


But actually, Rhain’s mom says she’s been using the name for a while, too. “Rhain was in junior high when she told me that she was no longer going to be called Ruth anymore,” she explained to Radar. “She told me that she wanted to be called Rhain, and I thought that it was a beautiful name choice. Her father Ward and I, as well as everyone who knows her, has called her Rhain ever since.” Which is all to say that, if Rhain is roughly the same age as Noah, that means she’s about 10 years older than Rain, and might’ve started going by Rhain when the other Rain was only like two years old. So who actually had it first after all?

Honestly, though, does it even matter who’s the original? Look, we get that R(h)ain is a pretty unique name. And it’s got to be confusing and frustrating in any tight-knit family to have both a Mrs. Rhain Brown and a Miss Rain Brown. But when it comes to going by a name other than the first one your parents gave you, well, Rainy just doesn’t have a lot of ground to stand on. 

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