Ready to see something terrifying? The Duggars just posted a throwback photo on Facebook of one of their (many, many) grandchildren, and it’s scary AF. You wouldn’t think a baby could be so horrifying considering how cute they are, but when you check out this photo, you’ll know exactly what we mean. Because Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar didn’t just share a baby photo of Meredith, Josh and Anna Duggar‘s daughter. They shared a baby photo of Meredith hidden amongst a bunch of baby dolls. Take a look for yourself in the video above. 

“TBT: Can you spot the sweetest doll of all?!” they captioned the pic, which was straight out of our worst Chuckie-inspired scary dreams. You know all those old movies where dolls and toys come to life in a “murder their owners” way, not a fun Toy Story way? We’d almost managed to forget about them — at least until we saw this photo. Yeah, we didn’t need the extra nightmare fuel. 

All the horror-movie-material aside, though, Meredith does look pretty cute — and she’s grown up to be a precious little girl now that she’s three years old. Recently, she’s even tried to teach her little brother Mason how to walk. Mom Anna posted the video on her Instagram, and we could watch it one million times. Not only does Meredith help Mason to his feet and back down onto his butt, she also offers the cutest words of encouragement. “Mason, come here!” she croons, and he actually wobbles the few steps closer to her. Now that‘s how you become a good big sibling. 

Anna’s also showed off Meredith’s singing skills lately. She’s still working on nailing down the words instead of just gibberish, but we think she’ll get there. And hey, maybe one day she’ll even join big sister Mackynzie and the rest of the Duggar girls for Happy Heart take two. We can’t wait to hear their sophomore album — hopefully this time without Michelle’s creepy voiceovers

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