Hmm, not quite the normal way to get over an ex-husband, but it seemed to work for Mel B. The 43-year-old recently released her memoir, Brutally Honest, and is getting well, honest, about her relationship with her ex-husband, Stephen Belafonte. The singer revealed on the British talk show Loose Women, that she had a piece of skin removed from her body with her ex’s name on it to give her the fresh start she needed.

She confessed, “What I went through was so horrific, and this one particular tattoo that my ex had forced me to have was, ‘Stephen, till death do us part you own my heart,’ and I just thought, I can’t go through the pain of getting it lasered off because laser is actually more painful than getting the tattoo off.”

So, what the Spice Girl did next was something out of the ordinary. She continued, “I convinced a good friend of mine, a doctor, [and] I said, ‘can you just cut it off my body?’ I was like, I wanted it removed from my body. So he did just a cut of his name and I have it saved in a jar, which sounds a bit strange, I know.” Wait, hold up — in a jar?

The America’s Got Talent judge said that the jar is “at the top of my wardrobe.” She continued, “Nobody can see it but I know it’s there and it’s off my body, so it makes me feel so much better.” Well, if that’s what you have got to do, girl, then we support you!

Mel B wearing red with her ex husband Stephen Belafonte
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Mel B and her ex have been trying to settle their nasty divorce for over a year now. Before Mel’s father passed, she got the strength to open up to her dad about her “horrific” relationship with Stephen. “I whispered in his ear…’When you take your last breath, I’m going to divorce a monster,’ and then he looked at me and took his last breath,” she recalled. “I knew that I had to land and go straight to work from the plane…when I landed, I was so happy.”

She continued, “I’m on the of the lucky ones. It took the passing of my father to give me the strength to go, ‘OK, my dad’s now dead, and now I have to have the strength to carry on in a positive way and stop living this lie and pretending nothing’s happening and it’s all a façade.’”

We’re glad you’re moving on with your life, Mel — without that piece of skin on your body.

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