Duchess Meghan Markle‘s half-brother Tom Markle, Jr. has made many shocking bombshell claims about his father, including his alleged past drug use, sex trips to Thailand, and cheating on his ex-wife Doria Ragland. However, this may be the most interesting bit yet: Tom revealed what he believes caused the falling out between his father and royal sister. Watch the exclusive In Touch interview in the video above! 

“My dad and Meghan’s recent falling out, I’m not 100 percent sure, but I think it has a lot to do with finances with my dad,” said Tom. “From my perspective, any money my dad has ever given you is a loan. As soon as she left college, I think my dad assumed he would be paid back for paying for her college. I think Meghan didn’t need him anymore when she got her big break on that show Suits. I think he expected quite a bit of money from her.”

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Unfortunately, it sounds like Meghan didn’t reimburse her father for her education, which may have caused some underlying bitterness, later exacerbated by her new royal stature. “He did tell me when I went down to see him in Mexico that he’s afraid he’ll never see her again,” Tom explained. “He was actually pretty upset thinking that his relationship with his daughter was completely over. He was really upset about being brushed off.” Tom also said that Meghan “didn’t call” her dad after his heart attack, which happened days before her over-the-top wedding.

“He’s got every right to be [hurt], and I understand that he’s upset, and his frustration, because wht daughter doesn’t go and see her father after a heart attack?” asked Tom. “Especially in that situation, because if it wasn’t for my dad, Meghan would not be where she’s at today at all. She could at least give him some common courtesy and go visit him.” Tom went on to explain that Thomas took exceptional care of his daughter as a kid, giving her “everything she’s ever asked for. It took a big toll on my dad when she was really independent and she didn’t need him anymore.”

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Tom also says he’s still in contact with Meghan’s ex Trevor Engelson, and he believes she did him dirty somehow. “I think he probably had a little bit to do with her success,” Tom theorized. “I’m not sure but I think when she had a bigger opportunity their marriage dissolved as well. The couple of times that I have spoken with Trevor, he doesn’t want to hear her name ever. He doesn’t ever want to talk about her. So I’m sure it was pretty drastic. I think they had such a bad falling out.” Still, we hope these two can reconcile in the future for the sake of Meghan’s baby.

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