Duchess Meghan Markle‘s half-brother Tom Markle, Jr. opened up about his father Thomas Markle’s shady past in a bombshell exclusive interview with In Touch. Shockingly, Tom said his dad, who famously didn’t attend his half-sister’s wedding, had a history of taking trips to Thailand, where he bragged to his son that he would pay for sex. Watch the video above for the shocking details and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Tom said these trips took place when Thomas was married to Meghan’s mom, Doria Ragland. “He went for a couple of weeks and I just remember it so well because when he came back he gave me some amazing things what they call Thai sticks,” said Tom. “That was pretty much a big bonus for a young teenager.”

Tom said his dad didn’t say why he was going at the time, so he assumed it was just for work or vacation. Years later, A jovial conversation over drinks and billiards turned dark when his dad finally revealed his true reasons. “We were on the subject to talking about women,” said Tom. “He says, ‘You can get two women for the weekend for 50 bucks. The things they will do to you are incredible. You’ll be a changed man.'” The discussion immediately made Tom uncomfortable. “It was disturbing and I didn’t want to discuss it any further with him,” he shared. Over the years, his father revealed other benefits of the Thai trips: dental work, surgery, “all kinds of stuff you can get done over there for really cheap.” Tom has also opened up about his father’s drug use, though Thomas Markle Sr. has denied all of his son’s allegations.

The unwelcome knowledge about his father led Tom to question other things about his life. For example, Tom began noticing that around the holidays, his dad would send gifts across the globe to the country. “I always wondered what they were for,” said Tom. “When I asked him about it, he said those are friends of mine and some families that I send stuff too back in Thailand. I wondered if I did have maybe some brothers and sisters running around in Thailand.”

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It sounds like Doria may have had her suspicions as well. “Of course Doria would know that he went to Thailand,” said Tom. “For what, she probably wouldn’t know. Judging by their fighting and arguing, maybe she found out, but that’s just speculation. I don’t know. It could have a reason why they split up, maybe not, who knows.”

He says the fighting got pretty atrocious at times, and poor Meghan had to experience all of it. “Some of my dad and Doria’s fights were pretty horrendous, pretty loud, a lot of yelling and screaming,” he said. “I didn’t really want to listen to it. I pretty much blocked it out. Especially with Meghan in the house. I didn’t really want to be there.”

Meghan still has an incredibly close relationship with her mom, Doria, who attended her wedding and has even been considering moving to England to be closer to her child. We’re sure she’s even more driven now that Meghan is expecting her first child with husband Prince Harry.

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