It was finally Decision Day last week on Married at First Sight, and surprisingly, all three couples decided they wanted to stay married — a series first.

This week, the show checks back in with the couples six months after the finale, and of course, the question on everyone’s minds is if they stay married or got a divorce. And, once again, the couples continue to surprise us. Recap below!

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Sheila and Nate

sheila nate  mafs reunion season 5

They’re first on the reunion couch as they sit across from the three experts who, by the way, look like three employees nervously sitting through a performance review.

experts  mafs reunion season 5

They must seriously think their jobs are on the line, which is ridiculous because they haven’t been fired yet… Anyway, after everyone wastes time looking at never-before-seen bonus footage and recaps, we finally get to the part we care about. So, are Sheila and Nate still together?

sheila nate  mafs reunion season 5


Sheila and Nate both regurgitate that “marriage is forever” and that they’re enjoying the journey and blah blah blah. However, the most interesting part is when Rachel DeAlto asks Sheila if she’s had any “chocolate” yet. Sheila starts smiling all big — and then says no! Really, Sheila? Our faces looks like Rachel’s right about now.

rachel dealto mafs reunion season 5

Seriously, Sheila, they sell vibrators everywhere. Look them up. Jesus won’t judge you. He’s cool. Anyway…

Danielle and Cody

danielle cody mafs reunion season 5

They shocked everyone last week when they made the seriously WTF decision to stay married despite the fact that, oh we don’t know, that they have zero chemistry. Or how about the fact that they’re both intensely uncomfortable around each other, which makes us feel uncomfortable too?

Anyway, let’s see if these two are still married. Considering Danielle admits to not feeling “in love” with Cody, surely they must have called it quits, right?

danielle cody mafs reunion season 5

STILL MARRIED? Yes — and they still haven’t had sex!

It. Doesn’t. Make. Sense. The experts then ask the couple if intimacy has improved after the show. They respond that they’re “still working on it.” Still?? Danielle, sweetheart, it’s not going to happen. It’s been six months!

The experts then desperately start bringing up Danielle’s dogs and congratulating Cody for being a “good dad” to them, which makes us think that maybe Danielle chose to stay married just so she could have a permanent dog sitter. It’s seriously the only thing that makes sense right now.

danielle mafs reunion season 5

After their decision, Cody immediately downs an entire glass of champagne. Notice how whenever these two are together they have a drink in their hands? We guess that’s one way to deal with the sadness.

Ashley and Anthony

ashley anthony mafs reunion season 5

Judging by the other two train wrecks on the show, this couple has always looked rosy in comparison. They talk a bit about how they’ve changed after the show, with Ashley mentioning that she’s getting better at not being controlling and Anthony saying he’s getting better at not fixing everything. So, are they still together?

ashley anthony  mafs reunion season 5


No surprise there. However, the bigger question is if Ashley is pregnant or not. Is she? Of course not, she says, although she looks a little sad when she says it.

All Three Couples

At the end of the show, all the couples sit down together to answer questions from viewers. Not much really interesting happens, although we learn that Sheila loves make-up sex, Ashley is working on being more adventurous, and Cody and Danielle are really committed to the whole “building intimacy” thing.

As Danielle is talking, the camera lingers over the other two couples and their expressions say more than words can.

Anyway, we wish all three couples good luck in their futures. And hey, if any of them get divorced in the future, we’ll definitely let you know.

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