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‘Married at First Sight’ Husband Nate Seriously Disapproves of Sheila’s Platonic Male Best Friend

Last week on Married at First Sight, the couples ran into more problems to make them question the validity of their four-week marriages. But while Nate and Sheila grappled with trust issues and Anthony and Ashley continued to deal with each other’s quirks, Cody and Danielle got into an explosive argument that made Cody question their marriage.

This week, Cody and Danielle sink even further, while Nate and Sheila get in a screaming match over Sheila’s platonic male best friend. In other words, business as usual.

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Nate and Sheila

Things have been going surprisingly well for Sheila and Nate despite their laundry list of red flags. They managed to survive the wrath of Nate’s crazy mother (although she’s making a return next week), avoided the potential drama of Nate’s teenage brother living with them, and even reconciled after that epic honeymoon fight that would have sent most couples screaming for divorce.

But despite their many hurdles, Sheila and Nate’s ultimate battle might be this guy:

donnay mafs 10

Sheila’s best friend is not only a guy, but he’s also kind of hot — like kind of really hot. Nate, predictably, is threatened by him. During a Labor Day party between Nate and Sheila’s friends, a liquored-up Nate decides that’s the perfect time to confront Donnay with insinuating questions, telling him that his wife is “off limits.”

sheila nate mafs fight

Understandably offended, Sheila butts in and tells Nate to stop “interrogating” her bestie. She pulls Nate aside and tells him how uncool it was for Nate and his friends to “gang up” on Donnay. Nate explains in his confessional that he believes men and women can be platonic friends, but he says it’s rare and that Donnay makes him suspicious, especially since Donnay is single. It also doesn’t help that Donnay is hot AF.

donnay mafs recap 10

As Nate and Sheila continue to bicker, the episode ends in the middle of their fight, hinting that the issue will be yet another hurdle for them to jump over. Although, judging by the previews for next week, they might have to deal with Nate’s mother first.

Cody and Danielle

Cody’s expression below is literally how we feel every time we watch a scene with Cody and Danielle together.

mafs 10 cody

They’re both “stuck in a rut,” as Cody says, and not in a good place, especially after last week’s fight. “I’m really trying,” Cody tells Danielle. “This is who I am. Maybe I’m not your guy. I just feel like you’re looking for something different than I am.”

Danielle responds by telling him that he doesn’t have as much relationship experience as she has and that it’s hard for her to ignore the red flags she has seen in previous relationships. Throughout the rest of the relationship, Cody is teary-eyed in his confessionals, talking about how he’s terrified of divorce and doesn’t know what he’s going to do. It almost makes us feel sorry for him — until he drops this bomb.

While Cody and Danielle sit on their Loveseat of Sadness and have yet another talk about their lack of intimacy, Cody tells Danielle, “It’s hard to put everything into this and not get anything back.”

Wait, what?! Danielle has the same reaction:

danielle mafs 10

So all this hand-wringing and crying over the failure of his marriage was really just Cody upset about not getting free sex?! Dude.

Later, the couple decides to spend Labor Day with their friends. In case you forgot, Danielle’s best friend and Cody’s younger brother met at the wedding and are now dating. It’s awkward.

cody danielle mafs awkward

Cody admits in his confessionals that he’s jealous of how “effortless” his brother found love. As for Danielle, she reveals that she “feels bad” that Cody feels jealous — not that she herself is jealous because she clearly isn’t and is simply counting down the days until she can get a divorce. Honestly, we don’t blame her.

Ashley and Anthony

Last week things got tense between Anthony and Ashley when they fought over dinner about Anthony’s lack of enthusiasm when trying new things. And if you’re saying to yourself, “That sounds like a stupid argument,” it was a stupid argument. But Ashley and Anthony, despite their undeniable chemistry, keep finding themselves in these petty squabbles.

This week, while talking about if they wanted to stay married, Anthony tells Ashley that he’ll totally stay married and would only get a divorce if she changed somehow, like “turn into a monster.” Ashley did not like that.

ashley mafs 10 monster

“Are you waiting for me to become something else?” she angrily asks in her confessional. “Do you think I’m not being myself? Do you think I’m putting on a show?”

Ashley, sweetheart, you’re insane. It was a joke, which Anthony explains to her. Later when Pastor Calvin Roberson comes by for his sit-down with the couple, he tells them that they should stop walking on eggshells with each other and stop self-sabotaging by jumping to conclusions about things. He’s talking to both of them, but you can tell he’s mostly just talking to Ashley. He also tells Anthony that he should learn to speak up more.

Later, the couple celebrates Labor Day at a bar with some of Ashley’s friends. But while drinking, Ashley gets a text from her sister telling her that she’s needed at work. Ashley decides to ignore it and tells everyone she’s going to get more drinks, and then, like something out of a horror movie, she disappears.

anthony mafs recap

What happened to her? We won’t find out until next week, but we bet it’s probably something anticlimactic because most cliffhangers are.

In the preview for next week, Danielle attempts to get intimate with Cody (cue gag reflex) and Sheila butts heads with Nate’s crazy mom.

In the meantime, check out the gallery below to learn more about the season five cast.

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