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Married at First Sight: Sheila Clashes With Nate’s Mother (Again) as Ashley Meets Anthony’s Overprotective Sister

Now that we’re all the way into episode 11 of Married at First Sight, you would think it would be obvious which couples are going to stay together and which ones are going to get divorced. But after this episode, we couldn’t be more confused (except when it comes to Daniella and Cody —
they’re definitely getting divorced).

This week, Nate and Sheila argue some more, breaking the fourth wall in the process, Ashley and Anthony continue to let little things cause major rifts in their relationship, and Nate’s mother drops by — again.

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Nate and Sheila

Last week, Nate and Sheila had argued over Sheila’s platonic (and hot) male bestie. This week, the episode picks up where that left off, with Sheila and Nate fighting in the street. But something weird happens. Sheila cuts Nate off and tells him she doesn’t want to fight in front of cameras. Uh, Sheila, you do know you’re on a TV show about your marriage, right? Not to mention the dozen or so other times we’ve watched you and Nate fight like a pair of guests on Maury.

mafs recap 11

Anyway, after the fight, they both pretend everything is fine for the remainder of the show. While pretending everything’s great, Sheila decides to tag along with Nate to his childhood neighborhood. While there, they visit Nate’s grandparents, his basketball coach, his sister, and his (dun dun dun) mother.

In case you’ve forgotten, Nate’s mother is crazy. Since the first episode, she has been opposed to the whole marriage thing and her opinion still hasn’t changed. Just lookt at her face. She is not amused.

mafs recap nate's mom

During their visit, Nate’s mother voiced her anger that Nate and Sheila were staying at a hotel instead of at her house (gee, we wonder why) and expressed more passive aggressive emotions, like guilt-tripping Sheila for not “calling her.”

We’re seriously over Nate’s mother. But honestly, we don’t think she’s the main problem with Sheila and Nate’s marriage. Next week’s preview showed another blow-up altercation that could spell the end for them.

Danielle and Cody

Danielle and Cody have been spiraling downward for weeks now, and for some reason, expert Pastor Calvin Roberson decides now is the perfect time to start blaming everything on Danielle instead of the fact that they’re just incompatible. Pastor Calvin tells Danielle that she needs to let go of her past relationships.

He even makes her write a letter to her old self and burn it. Wait, what?

mafs recap 11

Later, Danielle takes Cody to a park that she used to visit with her ex-boyfriend (since that’s the theme of the episode) as they talk about moving forward and other boring stuff. But honestly, the most important part of the episode is in the end when Danielle decides to dim the lights, make some cocktails, and have an “intimate evening” with Cody. Ew.

mafs recap 11

Unfortunately, the episode ends before we find out if they get it on or not.

Ashley and Anthony

Although they’re the fan-favorite couple of the season, more red flags keep popping up with them, especially with Ashley. The episode picks up with Ashley and Anthony enjoying Labor Day with their friends at a bar, but then Ashley takes off for 30 minutes, which angers Anthony. Of course he doesn’t tell her this, because Anthony is weirdly secretive and never reveals anything about what he’s feeling, which might explain why Ashley is so darn paranoid all the time.

mafs recap 11

After the Labor Day drama, Ashley tags along with Anthony to visit his family. While packing, Anthony cracks a joke about Ashley “annoying” him. “So you think I might annoy you?” she asks in that crazy, paranoid voice. Chill, Ashley! Chill.

While at Anthony’s parents’ house, Ashley meets Anthony’s mom again, who’s extroverted and loud, and Anthony’s sister, who’s also extroverted and loud. Everything’s going great until Anthony’s sister pulls Ashley aside and pretty much tells her she’s overprotective and crazy.

mafs recap 11

“Half the time my mom wants to kill me because I don’t have a filter,” Anthony’s sister tells a terrified Ashley. “I’ll tell you like it is… In the past i’ve been like a jerk to everybody, like my brother hasn’t brought anybody around.”

Well that doesn’t sound scary or anything.

Next week the couples celebrate their one-month anniversary as we slowly count down the days to Decision Day! Is it Decision Day yet?

In the meantime, check out the gallery below to learn more about the season five cast.

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