It’s finally Decision Day on Married at First Sight! The couples have been at each other’s throats for weeks now, but did they stay married or did they get a divorce? We were honestly surprised by the results. Read the recap!

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Anthony and Ashley

anthony ashley mafs finale

They feel pretty confident heading into Decision Day. After all, they already signed a lease together. Ashley was smart about that one. Now Anthony, technically, can’t go anywhere, unless he wants to forfeit his deposit.

He jokes about this at the beginning of the episode, poking fun at how cruel it would be for Ashley to jump up, right after they made their decision, and then tell Anthony her sister is moving in with them — full time. Ashley doesn’t find it funny, though.

Later, both Ashley and Anthony talk with their families about the decision. There have been many red flags throughout the relationship (Ashley’s baby craziness being one of them), so Anthony starts wondering if his decision is the right one. Ashley senses his hesitation. Heading into Decision Day she looks downright terrified:

ashley recap finale mafs

So, did they stay married or get divorced?

ashley anthony mafs finale

FINAL DECISION: Stay married

No surprise there. After all, they did already sign that lease. However, one thing that was surprising was that Anthony finally said the “L” word, which made expert Rachel DeAlto tear up. Aww!

Danielle and Cody

danielle mafs recap finale

So it’s the morning of Decision Day and these two fools are still talking about the lack of “spark” in their relationship. They’re doomed. Why are we even watching this? Cody then whines about the lack of sex again, which further irritates Danielle, just like it had for the past eight weeks.

Later, both Danielle and Cody talk to their respective friends about their decision. When Cody tells his pal he still hasn’t had sex with his wife yet, this was his reaction:

As for Danielle, she just seems over it heading into Decision Day. She looks ready to scream “I want a divorce!” in Cody’s face. So, final verdict?

cody danielle mafs finale

FINAL DECISION: Stay married

Wait, what?! Our jaws are literally on the floor. In fact, our face looks a little like Cody’s right now. Danielle says they have a good “bond” and that she wants to see what it’ll “blossom” into. Nothing, Danielle! It’ll blossom into nothing! We’ve been watching you for eight weeks, there’s nothing there to “blossom”! Well, whatever — it’s their lives. Good luck Cody on getting that sex you speak of.

Sheila and Nathan

sheila nate mafs finale

Out of all the couples, they’re the “wild card.” Although they’ve had lots of amazing highs, they’ve also experienced many lows, with Sheila screaming at Nate that she was “ending the marriage” just a week prior.

After making up, Nate dresses up like a butler as they have one last dinner date before Decision Day. They talk about how “damaging” some of the things they’ve said in the past have done to the marriage and discuss if they’re ready or not.

Heading into the Decision room, it looks like things can go either way.

mafs finale sheila nate

FINAL DECISION: Stay married

“I want to be your wife until the day I die,” Sheila tells him. Nate responds by saying, “You’re trapped, baby. I ain’t going nowhere.” I guess they’re made for each other? We give it two years tops.

Next week is the reunion special where we’ll find out if Cody and Danielle are having sex — or not.

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