In last week’s episode the couples on Married at First Sight jetted off to their honeymoons, and this week they’re — well, still on their honeymoons.

However, while the last episode was mostly devoted to lots of “Will they have sex or not?” hypotheticals, in this episode, things actually start to happen. And by “things,” we mean sex — and lots of it.

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Nathan and Sheila

They start off the episode with a shocking announcement: they consummated their marriage! This might come as a shock to most viewers considering Sheila’s reserved, Christian nature. But she thought the timing was “right,” and apparently so did Nathan.

married at first sight episode 4

But now that they’ve had sex, Nathan’s ready to drop the bomb — the brother bomb.

As you might remember from the premiere, Nathan revealed that his teenage brother was living with him full time, but he hadn’t told Sheila yet. He was obviously concerned with how she’d take the news and had suspiciously kept that explosive bit of fact to himself.

But in this episode, Nathan’s feeling confident. He’s just had sex! He can do anything! So, while discussing their living situation, he finally drops the news that his brother will be staying with them.

Although she looks upset for a minute, she’s surprisingly OK with it!

married at first sight angry

“For me, that’s a non-issue,” she tells him. “That doesn’t bother me at all.” She then tells the cameras, “He’s family-oriented and that’s important. I want him to take care of his family. I don’t think a new wife should displace his brother.”

Wow, Sheila is a much better person than we are.

However, Sheila and Nathan aren’t out of the dark yet. During their honeymoon, the couple realize that they have different personalities. Nathan is annoyed by Sheila’s moody introversion, and Sheila says Nathan’s energy is like being around a child 24/7.

married at first sight episode 4

“I’m emotionally drained,” Sheila tells him during a tense dinner.

Nathan tells her that he’s learning to understand her moodiness and Sheila says she appreciates his patience. Not sure how we feel about this yet, but we doubt this issue has been fully resolved. And judging by the previews in the next episode of a tearful Sheila, it looks like we’re right.

Danielle and Cody

married at first sight episode 4

Although they’re attracted to each other and have tons of chemistry, something feels “off” with them — and whatever it is, Danielle can sense it, too. She describes it as “awkward.” She explains how she wants the man to be a man and that she wants Cody to take the lead.

As for Cody, he can’t stop talking about sex. Literally in every interview he’s talking about how badly he wants sex but that he feels like he must wait.

“I’m ready to have sex but not right now,” he says. “I’m not going to force anything.”

married at first sight episode 4

Force? Cody clearly can’t pick up the very obvious signals Danielle is sending his way through a megaphone. In Danielle’s interviews, she reveals that she’s ready for sex. So what’s with all the stalling? Apparently, that’s what Danielle wants to know. Unfortunately, we won’t find out in this episode.

Ashley and Anthony

married at first sight episode 4

Although things have been going fine for them, many of Ashley’s “quirks” come out in this episode, from her fear of anything adventurous to her intense hatred of tardiness. However, Anthony has been adjusting to her well, which Ashley says she appreciates. In fact, while out drinking together she tells him she wants to have, “Sssss….” Which I guess is a more reptilian way of saying you’re DTF?

married at first sight episode 4

Anyway, even though everything’s all good with them, Anthony is a little annoyed by Ashley’s sister. While out canoeing, Ashley tells him that her sister told her that there were sharks in the water. Anthony tells the camera that he thinks Ashley’s sister is trying to interfere in their relationship, which he thinks is totally uncool. Back off, sister-in-law!

“I need to have a good talking with your sister,” Anthony tells Ashley.

But overall, they’re on a decent path and, judging by the previews for next week, there doesn’t seem to be much drama ahead.

As for the rest of the couples? We’ll have to wait until week.

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