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‘Married at First Sight’ Recap: The Couples Jet Off to Their Honeymoons

So last week on Married at First Sight, the couples finally got married. In a series first, all three couples liked each other right off the bat and all had instant chemistry.

In other words, there were no Jamie Otis-esque meltdowns this year — which was a huge relief.

ashley mafs wedding

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Episode three picks up where the premiere left off. After the wedding ceremonies, all three couples head to the hotel for a romantic night in the honeymoon suite.

mafs episode 3

Expert Rachel DeAlto gets a little too excited talking about the couples consummating their marriages tonight. After all, they are legally married, she keeps saying, which is strange because we’re not experts and even we wouldn’t recommend boning someone you’ve known for less than 24 hours. But hey, that’s just us.

mafs episode 3

Anyway, after the always sweet-but-sort-of-awkward “carrying the bride over the threshold” moment, the couples unwind, pop a bottle of wine, and talk about the crazy day they just had.

“We’re probably the only two people in the city right now that got married to a stranger,” Cody tells Danielle. Uh, did he forget the two other couples that are on the show with him?

mafs episode 3

Anthony gives Ashley a necklace with an “A” and a flashlight on it. As you might remember from the last episode, Anthony told Dr. Pepper Schwartz that he had a dream before being matched that involved the letter “A.”

“Maybe some things are just made to be,” Ashley tells the camera. “He was committed to me before he even knew me!”

mafs episode 3

As the couples change into their pajamas to go to bed, the experts are there again, talking about sex. Will sex happen? Will it happen tonight? Who’s going to have sex?! Tune in after the break!

However, in the end, all the couples settle for cuddling instead, with one exception being Cody and Danielle who make out for a couple of awkward minutes.

mafs episode 3

“It was really hard not to [have sex],” Cody says, “and there were times when it was like, ‘Ohh! I might give in.’ But I want to do it right, and she does too.”

“There’s no need to rush it cause we kind of rushed the marriage,” Danielle says.

The other couples are all on the same page, too.

“I really want to get a chance to know him, and i didn’t want to cloud that with sex,” Sheila says.

“Eventually I want to have sex with my husband, just not yesterday,” Ashley tells the camera.

Wow, so much common sense and logic. These couples are a lot smarter than previous season’s. In fact, we like them so much, we’ll even overlook the fact that all three brides went to bed and woke up in full make-up.

mafs episode 3

After waking up, the couples find out where they’re jetting off for their honeymoons. Anthony and Ashley are going to the Bahamas; Cody and Danielle are going to St. Thomas; and Sheila and Nathan are going to St. Croix.

Although everything seems perfect now, there might be future issues with Sheila and Nathan. In episode one, Nathan revealed his teenage brother was living with him.

“That’s definitely gonna be a conversation in itself,” Nathan tells the camera about keeping his brother a secret from his new wife. “I’m hoping for the best.” Us too!

mafs episode 3

Next, all three couples have brunch with their families.

Everything went well with Danielle and Cody, whose parents find their marriage “adorable.” A huge departure from Danielle’s mother’s epic side eye in the last episode.

mafs side eye

For Anthony and Ashley, they run into issues with Ashley’s sister, who starts asking them creepy questions, like how soon can they hang out and if they’re planning on moving in with her.

mafs episode 3

“I want Ashley and Anthony to stay close by me,” Ashley’s sister says. “I want to be like, ‘Hey let’s go to dinner tomorrow, like what are you guys doing?'”

“I think she’s afraid Anthony might take me away from her a little bit,” Ashley explains.

The issue doesn’t entirely get revolved, but you can tell it’ll come up again in the future.

Same goes for the tense brunch between Sheila and Nathan’s families.

mafs episode 3

In the last episode, Nathan’s mother expressed her disapproval of her son marrying a stranger. But in this episode she starts to lose it. Stressed over how quickly things have been proceeding, she begins to cry as Nathan tells her to chill out. It looks like mom isn’t ready to let him go just yet.

“I’m sorry Sheila, you’re a beautiful person but you made a vow to a stranger,” Nathan’s mother tells Sheila. “That is a leap of faith​.”

mafs episode 3

Sheila then drops this epic clapback: “I agree if you think you need time, and luckily I’m not going anywhere. So I’ll be here and you can take as much time as you need, simply because I think you judge a man by your experience and you have no experience to judge my relationship or my relationship with your son.” Boom!

Defeated, his mother asks Nathan if she’s still “the queen.”

Nathan surprisingly tells her no — to her face!

“Sheila’s my queen now,” he says.

Why does this suddenly feel like a Disney movie?

So flash forward and all the couples are packing and jetting off to their honeymoon destinations. There’s really no drama happening. Everyone’s happy, clinking wines, and wearing cheesy “wifey” and “hubby” shirts.

mafs episode 3

The only worrying moment is between Ashley and Anthony, who both discover they like to take very different vacations. Ashley says she’s more of a “relax and rewind” sort of gal, and Anthony says he’s more of an adventurous/outdoorsy type. Red flags? Eh, we doubt it.

mafs episode 3

However, next week’s MAFS episode promises more drama as one couple, Sheila and Nathan, are shown crying over dinner — unfortunately we won’t find out why until next week.

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