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‘Married at First Sight’ Episode 2: The Couples Finally Get Hitched

In episode one, we meet the three couples of Married at First Sight season five. We watch as they break the news to their families, go wedding dress shopping, and even have bachelor/bachelorette parties.

However, episode two is where the show really kicks off — with all three couples finally meeting each other and getting married!

In previous seasons, this was a make-it-or-break-it moment. Sometimes participants weren’t attracted to each other or sometimes there wasn’t any chemistry between a couple.

So, how did the 2017 cast deal with the jittery awkwardness of getting hitched to total strangers?

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The first wedding of the episode is between Cody and Danielle.

danielle and cody mafs

Cody is super nervous and looks like he’s about to fall over from his anxiety alone. As for Danielle, she’s out in the hallway procrastinating or something. Not even the wedding guests know why she’s taking so darn long.

danielle mafs

Anyway, after several minutes of dramatic music, she comes out.

married at first sight danielle 2017

Cody looks very relieved.

cody meets danielle

So does Danielle, for that matter.

danielle mafs cody

Superficial note: Danielle’s bridal hairpiece is gawgus, honey!

They exchange their own written vows and then get married. It’s actually very sweet. Danielle tells the camera that she thinks Cody is “cute,” while Cody says he thinks Danielle is “beautiful.”

“I have so much to talk to you about,” he tells her as they walk away.

danielle cody wedding mafs

The next couple to get married is Sheila and Nathan.

sheila and nathan mafs

As touched upon in episode one, Nathan’s mother is not happy about him getting married to a stranger. When she comes to attach a rose to his jacket, he tells her to be cool. His mother replies, “No, I can’t do that.”

mafs nathan mom

Sheila also has a demanding parent. Her father, Charles, tells the camera that he’s “trusting a stranger with my baby.” And maybe it’s for that reason that, once it’s time for Sheila to walk down the aisle, he holds her arm to stop her from walking.

sheila dad wedding mafs

“He’s gonna wait for you,” Sheila’s father tells her. “He’s gonna wait!”

And so they awkwardly wait.

Meanwhile, Nathan is taken aback by Sheila’s looks, which he describes like a Shakespearean sonnet.

nathan sees sheila mafs

“When I see her, I damn near faint,” he says. “The moment is so unreal. I feel like if I blink, she’ll be gone. She is incredible.”

Sheila’s first impression of Nathan is less poetic, however: “I like his lips — he’s cute.”

After the initial first impression, they exchange written vows, and it’s an emotional moment.

sheila tears  mafs

After a pretty intense kiss, they’re married!

sheila nathan married mafs

“His vows were, like, amazing,” Sheila tells the camera. However, she’s a little taken aback when Nathan tells her he’s 25, especially since she’s five years older.

“He’s younger than me, I’m a little surprised because life experiences play a huge role in who you are,” she says. “I’m praying this won’t become an issue.”

Yes, so are we. And hopefully in that time she can also learn her husband’s last name.

sheila nathan quote

And last, we have Anthony and Ashley.

ashley and anthony mafs

Anthony is very impressed with Ashley once he sees her. “When she walked through the door I was like, ‘Thank God,'” he says. “I was so worried about what she’d look like.”

anthony mafs wedding

As for Ashley’s first impression of Anthony? “I think he’s really cute,” she says. “He just has this adorable little face.”

Sounds more like a compliment you’d give a baby than a human adult man, but whatever.

ashley mafs wedding

They exchange vows, get married, and share a pretty epic kiss.

ashley and anthony mafs

Next are the awkward wedding photos. Despite only knowing each other for an hour, all the couples have to partake in really intimate wedding portraits. Fans of the show might remember how in season one, Jamie collapsed on the ground and cried because she didn’t want to be intimate with Doug, a man she’s still married to.

So how do the season five couples handle this cringeworthy situation? Surprisingly well.

danielle cody kiss

“It’s definitely a strange situation taking these pics with Cody and they’re so intimate,” Danielle says. But despite the awkwardness, they both say they’re comfortable with each other.

“I’m surprised we’re connecting so easily,” Ashley says about Anthony while doing their photo shoot together.

As for Sheila, she’s a bit more reserved.

sheila wedding mafs

“He’s going in,” she says about Nathan’s PDA during the photo shoot. “I’m not quite ready to go in.”

After pictures, it’s now time for the reception. Everyone has dinner, shares a first dance, and a toast from their wedding parties.

Over dinner, Danielle and Cody realize they’re both Cubs fans.

“They hit the nail on the head so far,” Cody tells the camera. “It’s such a match.”

ashley anthony toast mafs

Things are looking good for Ashley and Anthony, too. “Yeah, I think I can fall in love with Anthony,” Ashley tells the camera.

As for Sheila and Nathan, although they’re off to a good start, we sense some hesitancy with Sheila.

sheila and nathan mafs

While the couple are chatting over dinner, Sheila asks if Nathan’s truly ready to leave bachelorhood behind. He says he does, especially after meeting Sheila.

“It has to be more than ‘Oh, she’s pretty. I’m a changed man,'” Sheila tells him. “It has to be deeper than that.”

Uh oh. Sounds like trouble.

But overall, in a MAFS first, all the couples like and are physically attracted to each other, which is great news because that normally never happens.

The only so-called “drama” in this episode was some fake drama between Sheila and Nathan’s dads — which turned out to be nothing (which is why we’re not even going to mention it).

We will say, however, that we love Nathan’s dad. Look at him — he’s like a character actor playing a dad.

Nathans dad mafs

Next week, the couples go on their honeymoons. We’ll also find out which couples consummated their marriages and which ones kept it godly.

In the meantime, check out the gallery below to learn more about the season five cast of MAFS.

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