Rolling the dice! Married at First Sight season 15 couple Nate and Stacia open up about why they wanted to try their luck at marrying a stranger in an exclusive interview with In Touch

“The most important thing I was looking for was trust,” Stacia, 37, exclusively tells In Touch ahead of the season 15 premiere of the Lifetime reality series. “I want to know wholeheartedly that I can trust my partner with anything. He is a safe place for me to land, to be vulnerable and that I can trust his intentions.”

Saying, ‘I do,’ to someone you just met may seem crazy, but the San Diego bride explains she was “tired of meeting men that didn’t meet” her “high standards.” 

“I refuse to settle. I rather be single, than settle just to say I’m in a relationship,” the real estate investor says, but not before detailing the incident that made her want to say goodbye to the dating world. “While on a date, I was told to Cash App him my portion of money for the date. From there I was done. I obviously am not in the right places to meet the type of men I wanted to date.”

As for her soon-to-be husband, Nate was “numb” to casually dating. “I was feeling lonely and definitely wanted to find a perfect match to do life with,” the 34-year-old details, adding that he’s looking for someone he “could relate to.” 

While both participants were looking for equally ambitious partners, they also share a strong desire for family. Both the future bride and groom come from single-parent households and are seeking a partner to create unforgettable experiences with. “Being able to create memories. Being close to someone, loving on someone,” she says. “Being able to have a partner that I could just do this crazy experiment with that was as crazy as I was.”

“I was also looking forward to trying new things and exploring the world with my new partner,” Nate explains. “I was looking forward to connecting with someone that I’m mentally, spiritually, and physically attracted to.”

As for the daytrader, attraction will play a major factor on how the eight week experiment will play out. Describing a laundry list of physical features that he desires, the  “Hustler with a Heart” tells the experts he’s looking for his “equal” and admits the experience will “be a drag” if he wasn’t attracted to his wife.

Meanwhile, Stacia confesses she didn’t really have any fears going into the controversial marriage experiment. “If it didn’t work out between me and my husband then that’s OK, we go our separate ways,” she confidently states. “I go back to living a dope life single. I am not a lonely person, I just was a single person. I don’t walk in fear.” 

Fans will have to tune into Married at First Sight to see if Stacia and Nate stay married or get a divorce on Decision Day. 

Season 15 of Married at First Sight premieres with a special three-hour episode on Lifetime Wednesday, July 6 at 8 p.m. ET/ 7 p.m. C.

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