June “Mama June” Shannon and Justin Stroud seemingly hit a breaking point in their marriage when they got into a heated fight after visiting her daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson in Colorado.

Right as the couple returned to their home in Georgia, Justin, 36, told June, 44, is wasn’t a good idea to surprise Alana, 18, with the visit. “You see why do we not pull up on people?” he said in a teaser clip for the Friday, April 12, episode of Mama June: Family Crisis shared by Entertainment Tonight.

You act like Alana should not know if I was on that side of the world,” June replied. “That I wasn’t gonna go beep beep on top of her.”

June explained in a confessional that her daughters Alana, Anna Cardwell, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird and Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon told her she’s always welcome to visit them, even without an invite.

However, Justin insisted Alana didn’t feel that way and reminded June they only visited her youngest daughter because they happened to be nearby. “Get real, dude,” he said. “We just went to Vegas, that’s the only reason you went.”

“You think that you can let s–t boil down for, like, four or five weeks and that’s supposed to fix it?” he continued. “That’s not how life works. You can’t just wait and be like, “OK, it’s back to normal, f–k it.'”

While June acknowledged that she was in a “f–ked up” situation with Alana, the matriarch said she couldn’t “keep living in the past.” The mother-daughter duo previously got into a fight when the teen learned June took money from her Coogan account, which was set up to hold the money she earned as a child actor until she turned 18.

“It’s not always about you … I hope you can fix it,” Justin fired back.

June responded that her drama with Alana should not affect her relationship with Justin, though he said her inability to take “accountability” played a negative role in their romance.

This seems like right here, this is going nowhere because you don’t listen to me, you don’t listen to nothing I tell you,” he said.

Mama June and Justin Stroud Seemingly Hit Breaking Point After Heated Fight About Honey Boo Boo
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The fight got even more intense when June hinted their marriage might not survive the drama. “Well, that’s fine,” she said. “If you feel like this marriage is over for you and I been telling you this, maybe that’s the way the f–king cookie is gonna crumble and I have to live with that.”

“And that’s what I been telling you … it’s gonna cost you in the end,” Justin said, while June responded, “No, it don’t cost me nothing.”

June and Justin made their first public outing as a couple in January 2022, while they tied the knot soon after in March of that year. However, they didn’t confirm their wedding until June 2022.

“I know you guys been seeing it all over the Internet so we are here to clear up some of the rumors YES me and @officialsmallz1 Really got married back in march 23 on our six month anniversary and yes it was so spur the moment,” she captioned a video via Instagram at the time.

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