Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson put her mother, June “Mama June” Shannon, on blast when she confronted her about missing money.

Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird discovered there was only $33,000 in Alana’s Coogan account in a teaser clip for the Friday, March 22, episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, which was shared by Entertainment Tonight. The account was created to hold the money Alana, 18, earned as a child actor, which she is now legally able to access as an adult.

After Lauryn, 24, said that the account had less money than she expected, June, 44, explained that the remaining money was from Alana’s appearances on The Masked Singer and Dancing With the Stars.

There should at least be six figures in that account!” Alana explained a confessional. “Something’s not adding up. My money is somewhere. It needs to be found right now, ASAP. Because this is not gonna work.”

June got defensive as her daughters questioned her about the money, claiming that the number was so low because of taxes. “I can’t help that there’s not more money,” she said. “Taxes were took out automatically – 50 percent.”

“I’m no tax person, but I know good and well no state is taking 50 percent worth of taxes out of every check,” Lauryn fired back.

June wasn’t done with her excuses and said she spent the money on stuff for Alana. “You have been taking care of your own self, paying your own bills since you were the age of 12,” June claimed. “And you’ve been doing a good job of it.”

“From my perspective, I didn’t spend anything of that money,” Alana angrily replied. “You spent that money on what you wanted to do with it because I didn’t have no say so on where that money went.”

The mother of four tried to change the subject by insisting Alana should be grateful that she has $33,000 in the account. “That’s a hell of a lot more than most 18 year olds start off their life with,” June said.

Honey Boo Boo Questions Mama June About Missing Money: ‘Something’s Not Adding Up’
Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

“Yeah but I’ve been on TV since I was 6,” Alana argued. “And now, I have what to show for it?”

Alana and Lauryn confronted their mother one week after June refused to help her youngest daughter pay for college. After Alana and Lauryn had a tough conversation with June, the sisters slammed June as “crazy as s–t” for not offering to help financially.

Mama said no and I was kind of expecting that, I’m not gonna lie, because just how negative she’s been about college the whole entire time,” the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo alum said in a confessional. “She’s had nothing really positive to say about it and it kinda just pisses me off people she can help everyone around her. She can help Justin. She can help this man and that man and she can help Jesse get into college and everything else.”

Mama June: Family Crisis airs on ​WEtv Fridays at 9 p.m. ET.

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