It’s been tough for her. Kate Gosselin is on a new TLC show, Kate Plus Date, and in a clip from the July 1 episode, her daughter Mady Gosselin told producers her mom had developed “trust issues” after splitting from her husband and Mady’s dad, Jon Gosselin. “Everything that she’s been through has really created a lot of trust issues,” the 18-year-old said. “But she is doing this [show] and she wants to be happy and that comes with some sacrifices. Like, if she has to suck it up and get started before she feels comfortable, she’s going to have to do it.”

The matchmaker on the show also spoke to Kate, 44, about love, and the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star admitted that she doesn’t think she’s “ever” been in it. When asked by a producer whether that’s changed her view of love, she replied, “No, my view of people has changed. Not love, because I know my grandparents’ love exists. It existed once and it can exist again. That’s the only example I can give you that I experienced personally, but I think very much my view of people changed. It really probably was the heart of my trust issues in terms of, ‘Are you just telling me that because I want to hear it, or is that who you are?'”

Previously, Kate told Extra that her kids are all for her getting back into the dating scene. “My kids are so supportive,” she told the outlet. “They keep saying, ‘Do something for yourself, you’ve done everything for us.’”

The reality TV mom also once said she felt “awkward” doing the new show. She posted a photo on Instagram of her son Joel with a cake on May 13, and when a fan commented, “Saw an ad today for #KatePlusDate. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us and you!” Kate replied, “It’s such a fun show! I had so much fun … and felt so awkward too! I can’t wait for you to see it!!! #KatePlusDate.” Hopefully, if nothing else, the series will help her get over her trust issues once and for all. And if Kate cuts loose a little bit at the same time, all power to her!

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