Now that she’s gotten back into cheerleading, Mackenzie McKee was excited to share her progress with fans. After posting a photo from a stunt, however, she got some unexpected feedback. According to fans, it looked like she had some kind of accident, and they were quick to point it out in the comments. But on Monday, November 18, the Teen Mom OG star took to Instagram to set the record straight: She hadn’t “s–t her pants” or experienced any kind of “tampon fail,” there was simply a shadow in the photo. Period.

“I just had a really fun day at work, and I just posted a really cute picture of me doing a heel stretch in a stunt,” Mackenzie, 25, shared in an Instagram Story with her fans. “Cheering is something [I’ve done] since I was 4 all the way until now, and now I’m back in the cheer industry getting to coach and bringing Body by Mack into the building, and it’s really been good for my depression to get out of the house. Like, cheering makes me so happy, and I’m so glad to be back. But I just posted a cute picture.”

The photo she was referring to was one she shared on her feed that showed her up in the stunt as she balanced on one foot and held the other above her head. “I’m not deleting it because it’s really cute, and I’m really proud of it, but I just deleted about 50 comments — 50 rude comments — of you guys calling it a tampon fail or saying that I s–t my pants,” she continued. “It’s a shadow. … I’m not even on my period, if you want to know. … I’m going to show you my butt in the mirror so that you guys can see it wasn’t a tampon fail, and I didn’t s–t my pants for your information. It’s a freaking shadow.”

Mackenzie McKee Posts Butt Photos to Prove Haters Wrong After Tampon Fail Comments
Courtesy of Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

In a separate clip, the blonde bent over to show fans her booty, giving them a good look at her totally stain-free pants. “We are in my messy closet,” she narrated the video. “OK. OK. OK. What? What do you think you see? I don’t know what you think you see! A shadow, that’s what I think you see!” she said sassily before making a fart noise at her fans. She even posted another photo as she once again stretched her foot over her head. “Just for the haters,” she captioned the hilarious shot.

The star is no stranger to shutting down haters, thankfully. When it came to advice about how her followers should interact with her posts going forward, she had some words of wisdom to share. “Guys, look at a picture, look at the smile on my face, tell me it’s cute and move on with your life!” she instructed.

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