Even though Mac Miller died almost three months ago, fans can now see the late rapper live via a secret Instagram account, that features videos of Mac under the alias “Lars.” His content can be found under the handle, @cloudywithachanceofawesome69, where “Lars” showed off his vaping skills to his 184K followers.

“Lars” wore a hoodie and a hat in almost every video, hardly covering up his real identity. One video was from July 3, 2017, and it highlighted his awesome sense of humor. He wrote, “Good morning friends, Lars here. Celebrating 50 followers with a #dope new way to start your day. This one’s called the #Kaluha. #CloudyWithAChanceOfAwesome #vapelife #juicyclouds #boobs #goodmorning #itsbetterthanbreakfast #breakfast club #dothevapesmatchthedrapes.”

Not only can his followers enjoy watching his old videos, but they can also listen to some new content from the late rapper. This week, Spotify released two new songs — one called “Nothing from Nothing” and “Dunno.” Both of the songs were recorded in New York City before the 26-year-old passed away.

Just one month ago, a toxicology report claimed that Mac had died from a combination of several drugs — fentanyl, cocaine, and ethanol.

Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend got candid about his struggles with getting sober. He told Billboard magazine in 2015, “I was doing a lot of drugs around that time. Which is another difference now: I’m not doing as many drugs. It just eats at your mind, doing drugs every single day, every second. It’s rough on your body.”

Ariana Grande, wearing white sweatshirt and Mac Miller on stage together
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During the interview, Mac claimed that he was “way healthier” than he was in the past, but knew he still had a long way to go. He continued, “I still smoke cigarettes. I’m not completely sober, but I’m way better than I was at that point. I was afraid of what my life had become. But once you just breathe and relax, you come to terms with it. This is my life, I enjoy it, and it’s OK that I enjoy it.”

We wish you could be here to enjoy it more, Mac, but for now, your memory will live on through your music and Instagram videos.

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