The Brown family just keeps growing! We got to know a little bit about Antonio "Tony" Padron on Sister Wives when he began dating Mykelti Brown in 2015. However, the couple's wedding in the new season has made him a focal point, and now fans are curious to find out more! Scroll down for more details about the 24-year-old.

Tony Padron actually married Mykelti in 2016.

Though the events leading up to their wedding just recently aired on TLC's Sister Wives, the ceremony took place back in 2016. The show was on hiatus for a year, which is why we're seeing it so late. The duo tied the knot in front of 400 guests at Bloomington Country Club in UT, near where Mykelti and Tony met.

Tony Padron's job is kind of a mystery.

He works as a banker in St. George, UT. Not much is known about his specific position, and he hasn't talked about his career on camera. Many fans seem to think he's trying to get as much money from the Browns as he can.

Tony is ready to have kids.

While talking about Tony's plans to marry his daughter, Mykelti's dad Kody Brown asked him to wait at least a year before they have kids — especially since they tied the knot after only a few months of dating. Tony didn't like the sound of that, but as of January 2018, the couple has already been married for more than a year with no pregnancy announcement. As a matter of fact, the duo just adopted an adorable puppy together, so they don't seem to be in too much of a rush.

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Tony is a Mormon, but he's not a polygamist.

Tony revealed to Kody that he was raised Catholic, but converted to Mormonism at age 17. Kody requested that the couple not discourage their children from becoming polygamists, even though Tony isn't one himself. Unfortunately, Mykelti was not able to get married in Tony's temple because she has been shunned by mainstream Mormonism due to her parents' lifestyle.

Tony rubbed fans the wrong way at first.

When Tony first asked Kody's permission to marry Mykelti, the father-of-18 was concerned about paying for two back-to-back weddings (his daughter Maddie tied the knot six months before Mykelti). Tony's response made fans think he's an entitled jerk. "I really don’t know what he [Kody] means by, ‘It would clobber him.’ I guess financially — but there’s a way around that. I mean you can get a loan against your house… and just pay it off. It’s called a home equity.”

But it looks like Tony has gotten a lot less selfish.

“Tony comes from a tradition where you stuff the head in the cake or take the cake and rub it on the face," Mykelti previously explained on Instagram. "I hate this tradition. I pleaded with him not to stuff my face with cake. Because it was important to me, he agreed. It meant a lot to me that he would give up something he wanted for me. I love my husband so much.”

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