Are they finally out of the woods? In the teaser trailer for the next season of Sister Wives, the Brown family fretted over offloading the homes they still owned in Las Vegas after they moved to Flagstaff, Arizona. So, did they end up selling the houses or not?

Have the Browns Sold Their Las Vegas Houses?

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“I’ve been coming back to Vegas every weekend to hold open houses at the homes that we have that are on the market,” Janelle Brown explained in the trailer for Sister Wives season 14. “There’s been no interest in the homes.”

Her fellow sister wife, Christine Brown, also noted, “Financially, we’re drowning.” And when Kody Brown held a meeting with all the wives to discuss the state of the sales of the homes, he revealed that they were paying five mortgages and couldn’t keep doing so.

“It might be next spring before they’re all sold,” Janelle, 50, said in the trailer, prompting Kody, 50, to respond, “Ladies, I will tell you, if that happens? And that cannot happen. That will break us.”

But there’s good news for the Browns. The last home that the family was trying to sell — Christine’s — was listed as sold for $535,000 on September 27, according to Radar Online.

What Did the Las Vegas Homes Sell For?

The price of Christine’s house was cut several times before the final sale, Radar noted. The house was originally listed for $675,000, so the family took quite the cut in the asking price before they could finally move the property.

Meanwhile, Janelle’s home was sold on April 30, 2019, for $575,000. Meri Brown sold her home on June 10, 2019, for $574,900, and Robyn Brown‘s house was sold on June 10, 2019. Now, they have the land in Flagstaff to pay for — oh, and any other properties they’re renting there while they wait to build on that land.

Did the Browns Build a New Home in Flagstaff?

Kody had a dream to build one big home for his wives and kids in Arizona. But not everyone in the family is a fan of that idea.

Christine, 47, once said on the show, “I would happily live next door to [my sister wives] for the rest of my life. Absolutely. With them? No, no. Have you met them?” She continued on Twitter, “One big house?? I told Shelbi [the family’s real estate agent] IT. WAS. NOT. HAPPENING.”

kody with sister wives house plan

But Kody revisited the idea in the trailer for the new season, so it looks like it might still become a reality. “I want to explore it, all I’m asking for is for you guys to have an open mind and a prayerful disposition about it,” Kody explained in the ad. But Christine later said in a confessional, “I’m not gonna do it. Not for a second.”

Sister Wives fans will just have to watch the season to see where the whole family ends up.

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