One thing the Duggars aren’t known for is their table manners, and on Wednesday, December 4, Joy-Anna Forsyth (née Duggar) revealed that her son, Gideon, takes after his uncle Joseph Duggar in that regard. On Instagram, the mom shared a photo of her little boy licking his plate clean after a snack. While some thought the picture was too cute, others weren’t impressed. One fan, in particular, took the opportunity to call the Counting On star out.

“He got his love of food from me!” Joy, 22, captioned the shots. In the hashtags, she added that Gideon, 21 months, ate “every last bite” of his salad. Not everyone was charmed, though. “Please DON’T let him be a ‘plate licker!'” one fan begged in the comments. “It’s a deplorable habit as an adult!! Go ahead, everyone, send me the hate messages, but you know it’s true!! Gideon is so cute, but habits are hard to break (a.k.a. Uncle Joe).”

The fan referenced Joy’s older brother — who famously got in trouble with his new wife, Kendra Duggar (née Caldwell) when she caught him licking his plate on their honeymoon. “I think the plate licking habit is something that we don’t want to do that, teach our kids to do that, so we probably should start work on breaking that habit,” the young bride shared with the camera on the episode of the TLC show where she and Joe headed off to Greece. “You could be a good example for the kids, because I don’t really struggle with licking my plate,” she told her husband.

Luckily, the fan wasn’t inundated with hate as they expected — or at least not totally inundated. Though they did get plenty of criticism and accusations of mom-shaming, at least one other commenter agreed. “Licking your plate is the height of bad manners,” they responded. “I have never licked my plate, nor has anyone at my dinner table!! That being said, I read it as a compliment that he finished his plate, and it looked so clean, he must have licked it. He is young enough, that he can and will learn that licking your plate is bad manners, therefore you don’t do it, anywhere!!”

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