Sisters who break dress code together, stay together. Joy-Anna Forsyth (née Duggar) showed off her figure in jeans via a mirror selfie just days after her older sister, Jinger Vuolo (née Duggar), did the same thing, both breaking their parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s rules about modesty.

Joy-Anna, 26, took to her Instagram Stories on Sunday, January 28, with a selfie video taken in a fitting room as she tried on a green waffle-knit pullover paired with curve-hugging straight blue jeans that were rolled at the ankle. The 19 Kids and Counting alum posed and turned her body to showcase the outfit from all angles as she gushed about how “cute” it was.

Joy-Anna’s video came days after Jinger, 30, posted a similar selfie on her own Instagram Stories. On January 17, the older sister shared a glimpse at her outfit — a pair of white mid-rise jeans and a tight black T-shirt.

Growing up, the Duggar sisters were taught by mom Michelle, 57, to dress modestly as part of the beliefs of the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP). The religious organization encouraged women to avoid wearing pants, short skirts, sleeveless shirts and anything else that could draw attention to their bodies. However, as they got older, most of the women in the Duggar family strayed away from the no pants rule.

Joy-Anna addressed her decision to start wearing pants in March 2023. She explained that she and husband Austin Forsyth discussed the dress code early in their marriage.

“[We] felt like there wasn’t anything in the scripture that’s black and white on dress,” she said in a YouTube video. “I think biblically, we just kind of looked through scripture for a long time and feel like this is OK for our family. … I had always worn skirts my whole life and so for me, like I don’t know, I just wasn’t in a rush. I feel like you can be modest and wear pants and that’s kind of where we came to. I do try to be modest in my pants, like in wearing pants, and not things too tight or too short.”

Joy-Anna Duggar Wears Jeans
Joy-Anna Duggar/Instagram

In a 2019 episode of Counting On, Jinger revealed that she spoke to her mom about wearing pants, and they concluded that it would be OK for Jinger to ease up on the rule.

“My parents always raised us just to honor Christ in everything that we do,” Jinger shared, adding that wearing pants is “where the Lord’s led me as of now.”

Michelle added, “It’s OK that my kids may have different convictions than me. I know that He’s leading them. And that’s the most important thing, is their walk, their relationship with God.”

Both Jinger and Joy-Anna, as well as sister Jill Duggar, have strayed away from the IBLP as a whole. Jinger opened up about her decision to leave the religious group and follow her own path in Christianity in her January 2023 book, Becoming Free Indeed. Meanwhile, Joy-Anna and Austin, 30, said in September 2023 that they were “never part of the IBLP” as a couple.

“Once we got married, we started distancing ourselves from those functions. We’d always talk about when we were dating that we weren’t gonna use their literature and stuff like that,” Austin said in a YouTube Q&A at the time. “Just kinda distanced ourselves.”

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