Happy wife, happy life! Josiah Duggar's parents Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar have been married for over thirty years, so it's no surprise they gave their son solid advice on how to be the best husband possible. Josiah revealed what they told him before he tied the knot with Lauren Swanson on June 30 and needless to say, it's gold.

“My family also encouraged me to look for every chance to serve Lauren — to genuinely serve her and put her first, ahead of myself,” Josiah admitted to People. Of course, Lauren's mom and dad also gave her some suggestions on how to be the best wife. "My parents encouraged me to be Josiah’s biggest fan, offer him support and encouragement. Think the best, never assume the worst. Be his biggest cheerleader.”

“Most importantly, both of our families emphasized how important it is to keep Christ central in our marriage,” the couple shared. “Marriage is a gift from God and putting Christ first is the most important thing we can do to ensure a marriage that is strong, healthy and able to withstand all the ups and downs of life.”

Now that Josiah and Lauren have officially exchanged their vows at John Brown University Cathedral, the rest of the Duggar clan has come forward to offer words of encouragement. TBH, if there’s any family on the planet that could teach them a thing or two, it’s the Duggars. Oh, and maybe the Kardashians — but Kris Jenner reaching out to Josiah and Lauren would basically just be a reality TV crossover that nobody asked for.

In a series of videos posted to the Duggar YouTube channel, family members Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar, Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell, Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar, as well as matriarch and patriarch, Jim Bob and Michelle, all shared sweet messages for the newlyweds.

"Marriage is wonderful. Enjoy the first year," Austin said. "Just try to take it easy, enjoy every little moment, and keep falling in love."

"We can’t wait to share these times together with you of married life," Kendra expressed. "We’re so excited for you."

"Lauren, you are a beautiful bride, and we are so thrilled to have another sister-in-law," Anna gushed in her especially emotional message. "You guys are such a cute couple together, and we look forward to having you join the married crew… enjoy the honeymoon!"

Last, but not least, mama and papa Duggar offered their well-wishes along with some jokes about their ever-growing family. "[Lauren and Josiah] are a precious couple and we are so excited about their future together," Michelle began.

"We are really looking forward to some more grandbabies!" she laughed. "Before you know it, our grandkids are going to have to wear name tags," Jim Bob chimed in.

Ain’t that the truth. Jim Bob and Michelle already have 11 grandchildren! Seeing as Jinger Duggar is about to give birth any minute now, they should be expecting their 12th in no time.

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