Jon Gosselin’s ex-girlfriend Colleen Conrad defended Jon’s son Collin Gosselin amid his ongoing drama with mom Kate Gosselin

“I recently learned of derogatory statements made about Collin Gosselin and felt compelled to defend him,” Colleen wrote alongside a collage of loving photos with the Marine via Instagram on Friday, August 4. “These statements were made by family members who have been estranged from his life since he was 12. Collin is not only someone I love dearly but has also been a significant figure in my family’s life.”

While Colleen noted that Collin was currently at boot camp for the Marines and “unable to defend himself,” she explained that after her and Jon’s August 2021 split, Collin lived with her until he was 18 after Jon moved out. 

“I saw him every day. He thrived and was always kind and respectful. He never talked back to me. He was never violent and is far from being considered dangerous,” she detailed in the caption. “He is there for me when I need him, even bringing me white roses every time he visits. I could tag a multitude of people who have spent time with Collin, and they would all attest to what an amazing person he is.”

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Courtesy of Jon Gosselin/Instagram

Jon’s ex-girlfriend went on to say that Collin has overcome “more challenges than any one person should ever have to endure” in his years of being institutionalized at the Philadelphia-based psychiatrist hospital, noting that his mother only visited him three times. 

She also added that she was proud of his accomplishments which included a 4.0 GPA and winning the highest GPA award at his ROTC banquet.

“Collin’s dream to join the Marines seemed impossible given his background, but he never gave up. He went off all medication two years ago and continued to thrive in school and working jobs,” she continued. “He sought private psychiatric evaluations as an adult that disproved all the previous diagnoses. It was his determination that led him to the Marines, where he’s now fulfilling his dream. He wouldn’t be there if he hadn’t proved those diagnoses wrong.”

She concluded, “Collin will always be part of my family, and I’ll support him, no matter what comes our way. That’s what family does. The truth about Collin’s character deserves praise, not unfounded accusations from those estranged from his life.”

Jon and Kate, who tied the knot in 1999, welcomed eight children during their marriage: twins Mady and Cara, 22, as well as sextuplets Collin, Hannah, Alexis, Aaden, Leah and Joel, 19.

Following their split, Kate was awarded custody of all eight kids in the divorce settlement. However, the DJ later gained custody of Hannah in May 2018 and Collin in December 2018.

Collin, alongside his sister Hannah, recently spoke out in a rare interview regarding claims his mother was abusive toward him following her 2009 divorce from Jon. 

“I know my mother was going through a lot of things. I mean, a divorce and plenty of different things that can’t be easy to go through,” Collin shared with Vice TV for their series Dark Side of the 2000s. “And, you know, I want to think that she needed someone to take out her anger and her frustration on. And it was just kind of me, you know, I was in the way and I was there. So, she chose me.”

Kate later denied her estranged son’s abuse claims while issuing a statement via Instagram. “I never wanted to do this; but I feel I have been backed into a corner and left with no choice. Although it saddens me to do so, I need to speak out now,” she wrote on July 21. “My son Collin, whom I love with all my heart, has received multiple psychiatric diagnoses over the years. For the safety of myself, his brothers and sisters and for his own well-being, he was placed in a facility following the years of outpatient treatment which proved insufficient for his needs.”

After claiming she sent him away “following one of his many attacks/outbursts,” Kate continued, “Fast forward to the present day, and following Jon’s removal of Collin from treatment, my son’s unpredictable and violent behaviors have sadly continued regularly towards Jon, Hannah and others around him.”

“Collin’s distorted perception of reality is one of the many issues that he always struggled with,” the Multiple Blessings author concluded. “It’s sadly surprising when complete fabrications occur, and is just another heartbreaking facet of this fight.”

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