Keeping his distance. Collin Gosselin revealed that he hasn’t spoken to his siblings in years.

The former TLC personality, 18, opened up about his relationship with his older twin sisters – Mady and Cara, 22 – and the rest of Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin’s sextuplets – Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden – while speaking to Entertainment Tonight on Monday, November 28. However, he does still keep in touch with his sister Hannah, who Jon, 45, was granted custody of following his split from Kate, 47, in 2009.

“I have not spoken with my siblings in probably five or six years now,” Collin said. “It’s tough.” 

Despite not being in touch for half a decade, Collin said he hopes to have a relationship with his brothers and sisters one day. 

“I would love for us to come together one day, have dinner together, talk, just have a relationship and catch up on the things that we lost, the time that we lost,” he told the outlet.

However, Collin said he will not make the first move to reconcile. “I haven’t reached out to them, they haven’t reached out to me,” he admitted. “I want to respect their space and their time and respect how they feel about everything, so I’m kind of just waiting for the day that they reach out. I don’t want to reach out. I don’t want to invade their space. I’d rather just let them do it on their own terms.”

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 alum went on to note that he still has love with his estranged siblings. “I love my siblings. I would be willing to put my parents aside and I have. In my eyes, it’s me and my siblings. I love them to death,” he shared through tears. “I love them very much. How I see it is, without parents involved, it’s just me and them. I really hope that one day when I have kids that my kids will know their aunt and uncles.”

After sharing that Jon and Kate’s kids used to be “so close,” Collin continued, “I would just like to see all of them … I hope they’re doing well. I hope they’re living the lives that they want and that they’re happy.”

Collin later discussed his close relationship with Hannah. “I would do anything for my sister. We don’t call [each other] much because… she has better things to do than call me, but whenever she does reach out, it makes my day. I love her to death,” Collin said. “Hannah, she’s a big part of my emotional support. She helped me out a lot and still does to this day. [She] still does so much for me.”

Also during the interview, the former reality star opened up about being estranged from Kate and shared his hopes to one day reconcile with his mother. 

Collin Gosselin Reveals He Hasn't Spoken to His Siblings in Nearly 6 Years: 'It's Tough'

He admitted to having a complicated past with the I Just Want You to Know author, though he said that he’s open to the idea of reconnecting. “It would be ideal,” he noted.

Kate lost custody of Collin to Jon in December 2018 after she failed to show up to a court hearing regarding the matter. Prior to the meeting, she requested the court date to be postponed. However, it was denied.

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