_Yesterday, Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo shared some personal news: they're pregnant! After 14 long months of marital bliss and child-free independence, the two have joined the ranks of their fellow future parents in the Duggar family. One writer isn't ready to come to terms with that — so she's writing an open letter to Jinger Duggar in the hopes of checking in. _

Heyyyyyy, girl.

It's me, Chelsea from In Touch. Wow, it's been a big week for you, huh? You certainly seem excited in that pregnancy announcement on your website. And congrats, by the way! But I just have one question. You good? Like, are you doing this of your own free will? Like, do you need help?

I know we joke a lot about #FreeJinger and how you're leading a Duggar daughter revolution by choosing to wear pants and stuff. And I do think it is cool that you're branching away from your parents' rules, even if that probably looks more like following Jeremy's rules and less like making your own rules. You got to go to Hollywood and see the Getty Villa and explore more than just the inside of a Church, and that was pretty awesome.

But I kind of hoped that you were maybe following a little more in Jana Duggar's footsteps than it seemed, and that you'd wait a few more years before you inevitably had to give in and have kids. (Does Jim Bob Duggar make you all sign some sort of contract, BTW? Does Michelle make you take care of your little siblings until you're brainwashed into not being able to imagine a child-free life, even if it means giving up the small modicum of freedom you've carved out for yourself?) Babe, you like just turned 24. Would it have been so bad to become a mom at 25? God forbid, even 30?

Look, I know that the reality is likely that you're just as Duggar-y as the rest of the Duggars. In actuality, you've probably enjoyed your 14 months of marriage but you're ready to be a mom after so much time having to share a house with just one other person. Heck, maybe you've even been trying to get pregnant since day one like Joy-Anna and Austin did and it just hasn't happened until now. Maybe now that you've started having kids, you're ready to pop out the next 19 and have more than any of your siblings. But I still can't help but worry.

Jing, it seemed like you had it made — and though I'm happy for you if you're happy, you'd let us know if you really did need us to #FreeJinger, right? Like, you could blink in Morse Code on camera to tell us that your parents are blackmailing you and that you're just as trapped as Anna Duggar. Or, hey, unlike Joy-Anna, who shares an account with her husband, you've got your own Instagram. You can send messages without anyone else reading in! So feel free to slide into my DMs any time and I'll hop in my car for the drive to Texas.

I'm just joking, Jinger. I really am thrilled for you and all the excitement that comes with having a baby with the man you love. Maybe this will be a good excuse to spend time around the family you've talked about missing since moving away. But also, don't be afraid to learn Morse Code. I'll be watching. I just worry about you, girl.

Love, and congratulations,


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