She's more than halfway there! Jinger Duggar shared a photo of her growing baby bump on Instagram and revealed she's already 22 weeks along. The soon-to-be mama and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, haven't announced the baby's gender yet, but they keep giving fans little updates along the way. Watch the video above to see her latest photo!

Recently, the 24-year-old took to Instagram to share an innocent pic of ice cream and got attacked by vegans. She captioned her photo, "Does it get any better than this?! ?banana dulce de leche ice cream," but people weren't pleased with her choice of treat. "For a family so obsessed with having kids, you support baby calves being ripped away from their mothers?" one person wrote. "Doesn't really make sense you know, how would you like it if someone did that to you?" Another added, "It's not necessarily a 'personal choice' when the victims have no choice. Countless animals, innocent, sentient beings, are killed every day, unnecessarily to fill people's plates."

While many took to the comments section to educate Jinger on the cruelty of the dairy industry, some fans stuck up for her and her eating habits. "I don't believe Jinger requested any vegans to shove their beliefs down her throat. She's just having an ice cream. Veganism is a personal choice. If someone solicits a lecture from you on the dairy industry and lentils, by all means fire away, but otherwise, get your nose out of other people's plates." A second chimed in, "People have a right to eat what they want and you don't need to go and force your beliefs on what to eat and not to eat. It's ice cream. She enjoyed it and that's that."

The "rebel" of her conservative family has not only been making ~daring~ choices when it comes to her food but also when it comes to her maternity style. On a recent LA trip with Jeremy, Jinge was rockin' pants and heels — and fans were LIVING for it. "Jinger is a married adult woman now. I am happy to see her come out from under her parent thumbs," one person wrote on Facebook. Another added, "Love it!!!! She standing up for her self and I don't blame her," while a third chimed in, "She has style and married a man with culture and style. Go, Jinger. You are my favorite Duggar and I am glad you break the mold." We're so proud of ya, and can't wait to meet your little one! Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until July.

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