At this point, Jill Duggar is almost more famous for her notoriously bad recipes than she is for having been on TLC. But a few months ago, something surprising happened. The former Counting On star shared a new recipe on the Dillard family blog — and people actually liked it. Only it turns out that the reason people like the recipe was because, well, it wasn’t actually Jill’s. Watch the video above to check out what went down, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Yikes, right? That could’ve gone the wrong way for the mom of two, but luckily, no one ever officially looked into it. And after the backlash she received, it seems like she’s only been posting her own recipes or her family and friend’s recipes, and she’s only been using her own photos. Which, yeah, kind of explains why pretty much every single one of them has been gross AF. Her husband Derick Dillard seems to like her cooking and baking, though — so we guess that’s something. As for her sons, Sam is a fan of her canned good ingredients, too. He’d just prefer to play with them rather than actually eating them (and, like, same).

TBH, though, the whole scandal kind of gave us hope that Jill’s family isn’t just eating a full can of cream of mushroom soup with every meal. Though she’s only sharing her own recipes these days, maybe she’s still finding meal ideas on other sites and giving them a shot. After all, just because it didn’t show up on Instagram, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. If Jill could find this kind of yummy look snack online — and one with fresh vegetables, to boot! — we’re going to hope that she’s still out there Googling new ideas. And maybe one day she’ll even take a cooking class and learn some skills for real. After all, she’s no longer cooking for a family of 20+ people. With her much smaller family of four, and her kids growing up, one day soon she just may have the time to put towards making something healthy — and from scratch.

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