There's no rest for the weary — especially for moms on Mother's Day! Jill Duggar revealed in a new blog post that she's using this Mother's Day to reflect on all of the lessons she learned growing up from her mom Michelle Duggar. And apparently, it had Jill already thinking about how she'll teach her own kids with husband Derick Dillard — Israel, 3, and Samuel, 10 months, and she's already looking at homeschooling curriculums.

"My momma taught me the importance of instilling scripture into the hearts and minds of your young children," Jill, 26, wrote. "I recently started teaching Israel some Bible verses and I was amazed at how quickly he picked up on them! Even when I was looking at homeschooling curriculum (yes, Israel just turned three but I’m just excited!)."

Thinking about Israel and Samuel's future educations clearly has Jill getting reminiscent of her own, when her mother Michelle Duggar prepped curicculum from the Advanced Training Institute. "I was reminded of all the fun things my mom did with us kids to help make learning fun! It seems like no matter what I’m doing (cooking, gardening, singing, organizing, etc.), I am reminded in some way of my mom!" Jill wrote.

ATI is a homeschooling plan that describes itself as, a "Biblically-based home education program for families who desire to raise up sons and daughters who are 'mighty in Spirit' and able to impact the world for Jesus Christ."

But the Duggars' unique homeschooling curriculum isn't without controversy. In fact, the Duggar family sparked some heated conversation earlier this month when a photo was shared of the youngest, Josie Duggar holding up her homework assignment.

Fans and experts in child and special education on reddit expressed concern that Josie was behind for her age. Some even alleged that Josie may in fact be Dyslexic. But despite the public criticism, it seems Jill is still planning to teach her boys from the same plan, and she couldn't help but gush over her mom Michelle in honor of Mother's Day.

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"The greatest things I see in my mom’s life are grace, love [and] patience. She lives gracefully and is quick to offer grace whenever it’s needed," Jill continued writing."She is so patient with people and situations, even though things around her aren’t always perfect. She is always there for us and loves her husband and children unconditionally. And most importantly, I learn from her that to be a Christian mom (someone who has asked Jesus to forgive their sin, and asked him to take control of their life and become their 'boss') doesn’t mean you’ve got it all figured out, but just that you have a relationship with, and daily communicate with the one who does have it all figured out, Jesus Christ! My mom teaches me so much about this!"

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