In today’s horrifying Duggar news, Jill Duggar is here to tell you that one of her little boys is apparently ingesting toilet water. Yes, you heard that right! Her younger son, Samuel, has developed some kind of fascination with the potty. But instead of just flushing it (and all kinds of things down it — though he’s doing that, too), he’s now started drinking from it. His trick? He’s doing it in an even weirder, more creative way than we could have ever imagined.

On Monday, November 18, Jill, 28, first started to break the news to fans in a sweet way. “Back home with these kiddos and they’re back into trouble, haha,” she shared on Instagram. “Sam emptied nearly a whole roll of toilet paper into the toilet because he wanted the ‘trumpet.’ Love these little guys so much and embracing the crazy journey of motherhood, because I know this sweet season doesn’t last forever!”

The mom of two revealed her little ones were “much easier to handle after getting a kid-free weekend with [her] hubby, [Derick Dillard],” but a few hours later, she shared that the situation took a turn for the distinctly more disgusting. “What is it with this cutie and toilets today?!” she wrote on her Instagram Story, captioning a photo of the toddler sitting next to the toilet with the seat and seat cover raised. In his hands, he had a plastic bag and a spoon — and you’re not going to like where this is headed.

“He came out of the bathroom eating the remainder of his cereal with that little spoon … only [for me] to find out he had dipped it in the potty first!” she wrote. In a second photo, the mom took a close-up shot of the plastic cereal bag. At the bottom, there were a few remaining crumbs, some soggy cereal pieces, and a little bit of liquid sloshing around. “That liquid is apparently toilet water!” she continued, adding an appropriately terrified emoji to the post. 

Jill Duggar Reveals Son Sam Drank From the Toilet
Courtresy of Jill Duggar/Instagram

Welp, so much for the boys being “easier to handle” after a short vacation! Maybe next time the mom will need to take a week off before getting back to the grind. Or maybe she’ll just learn to stop sharing the kind of content that has her fans telling her to keep it to herself.

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