Lately, it seems like Jill Duggar has been eager to share all kinds of “funny” stories with her fans, but not everyone is laughing. On Sunday, August 25, the Duggar daughter posted a video of her son Samuel crying in the car after one of their windows got stuck open and wouldn’t roll back up. Though they’d covered the frame with a plastic bag and taped it to the car, the sound of it flapping in the wind seemed to terrify the toddler sitting next to it. Though his mom found the whole thing cute, her fans didn’t agree.

“Here’s the video from this morning I promised to share,” Jill, 28, shared on her Instagram Story as she posted the video. Though Sam, 2, didn’t seem to mind it at first, he quickly started crying while the camera was turned on him. “Poor baby! He’s scared!” the mom of two captioned the clip as she giggled. Though the parents seemed to be doing their best to protect their kids (and their car) from the rain, fans didn’t see the need to share the Story with the world.

“This is flat-out very unkind and unfeeling actions towards a child,” wrote one Instagram commenter. “That child looks to you two pinheads for his physical and emotional well being. To subject him to the cold and wind sounds in a moving car without a window and then laugh about it on social demonstrates a very low level of empathy and concern on your part.” Another added, “You and your husband show a serious lack of empathy for your children. Not just a lack of empathy, but you laugh at their stress. This is a pattern of behavior we’ve seen since Israel was a few months old. Seriously, what ails you?”

One put it simply: “Who laughs when their child is frightened?” Another accused the star of stirring up controversy on purpose. “Seriously, why would you post something you know is going to upset a lot of people?” they asked in the comments. “You’ve become one of those people who posts on purpose for the hate just to remain pious when you don’t comment on the haters.” Not everyone was in on the criticism, though. Some pointed out that the star will get hate for just about everything she does. “Here come the ‘Perfect Moms Of America’ critics in 3 … 2 … 1. 😂😩”

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