OK, Jill Duggar needs to find a new hobby ASAP because cooking clearly isn’t working out for her. The Counting On star has been sharing recipes with fans on her website, and TBH, if we see one more half-baked, watery casserole, we’re gonna scream. If you think you can handle it, watch the video above to check out Jill Duggar’s latest recipe: a potato, egg, and cheese breakfast casserole. Yuck!

Just recently, fans slammed Jill Duggar’s chicken salad and the comments were brutal. “Put gross chicken in a bowl and smother with mayo,” one person wrote, with a second commenting, “Is there a puddle in the middle of that chicken salad?” But it seems like Jill’s biggest critique is actually about her ingredients. “Couldn’t she add some celery and red onion? Some grapes, apples, or walnuts?” one fan suggested. “This is such a lazy recipe,” said another.

Jill’s breakfast casserole doesn’t really have much to it, either. “My family got this recipe from a friend of theirs,” she wrote on her website. “They make 2.5 times this recipe to fill one industrial sized baking sheet that will feed the whole family!” The recipe includes a bag of tater tots, butter, eggs, milk, salt and pepper, and — wait for it! — cheese. Jill said you can add hot sauce if you want to “spice” things up, but that’s really the only topping she offered.

To make matters even worse, the reality star was recently accused of plagiarizing her recipes! After Jill shared her recipe for stuffed zucchini and claimed it was her “hubby’s favorite,” eagle-eyed fans noticed the exact same photo and ingredients were on AllRecipes.com. “I don’t understand how the Dillards ignore their theft of another’s intellectual property and artwork by not crediting and linking their work,” one fan responded. “In this day and age of Internet fraud, credit fraud, you’d think because they claim themselves to be moral, ethical, and adherent followers in their faith, which they believe to be the most moral and truthful way to live and be in this life, they would not care enough to provide the simple links to the owner’s website.”

After the backlash, Jill gave photo credit to AllRecipes.com, but didn’t include a link. Here’s hoping the recipes taste better than they look!

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