You know better than that, Jill Duggar! The 26-year-old reality star got caught stealing recipes from other websites and trying to pass them off as her own on her blog. Now fans are calling her out for plagiarism!

It all started when Jill posted a recipe for stuffed zucchini. She described it as being her "hubby's favorite," explaining that, "our neighbors gave us a bunch of big zucchini right after we got married and in trying different recipes, I adapted them into my own and this one became a fave!" That makes it sound like Jill made a creation all her own, but fans noticed that it's actually copied verbatim from a meal on She even took the photo they used! After the backlash set in, Jill added, "Photo credit & original recipe:," but didn't include a specific link.

However, she didn't adjust two other recipes which she seems to have stolen. According to Inquistr, Jill's delicious-looking Slow Chicken Mole recipe seems to be lifted from Chowhound with no credit, and the Riguas recipe seemed to be a verbatim theft from Salvadorian Recipes. Certainly a far cry from the old family recipes she mentioned sharing in a recent Instagram Story.

"I don’t understand how the Dillards ignore their theft of another’s intellectual property & artwork by not crediting & linking their work," said a disappointed fan. "In this day and age of internet fraud, credit fraud, you’d think because they claim themselves to be moral, ethical & adherent followers in their faith, which they believe to be the most moral & truthful way to live and be in this life, they would not care enough to provide the simple links to the owners website." Ouch. Come on Jill, why not share that tater tot casserole instead?

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