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Are the Duggar Sisters Better Parents to Their Siblings Than Michelle and Jim Bob?

If you know anything about the Duggar family and their buddy teams, then you're aware that Michelle and Jim Bob have long stepped back when it comes to hands-on parenting their gigantic brood. Established in 2001, it placed the older girls with litters of littler Duggars to "help out" when the couple wasn't available. And um, thinking about the buddy system now, it kind of seems like the Duggar girls did more mothering than their actual mother did sometimes!

Of course, we could also interpret the Duggar buddy system as longterm maternal training for the Duggar women, although that's a theory for another day. It is worth noting that although only the four eldest girls (Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger) were buddy leaders for a few solid years, with Joy-Anna reluctantly stepping in when Jill moved out. Technically, Josh at one point was a buddy leader too.

…it's probably fine that they phased him out of that role.

In any case, we're looking back and it really does seem that the little kids were raised up by a series of Sister-Moms. Scroll down for the receipts.

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