If you thought Campbell’s was loaded with sodium, just wait until you check out Jill Duggar’s chicken noodle soup recipe. Seriously, even after a small bowl, one should expect to experience the same cottonmouth you’d get after a night of heavy drinking. Of course, as with most of Jill’s recipes on the Internet, it faced a lot of backlash. Check out the video above to see what people had to say about her chicken noodle salt — wait, we mean, soup.

Considering Jill’s recipe feeds up to 18 people, we understand throwing in four to five bags of egg noodles, as her ingredient list dictates, but eight cans of cream of chicken condensed soup?! That’s just absurd. According to My Fitness Pal, one can of condensed Campbell’s cream of chicken has 870 milligrams of sodium.

First of all, shame on Campbell’s for trying to kill us all. Second — permitting Jill uses premade cream of chicken versus homemade — shame on her, too, for not finding a healthier alternative. Her recipe didn’t specify, but it’s likely she uses premade. This is the same woman whose chicken salad looks like scrambled death, we’re talking about.

The mother-of-two added that her family “usually [eats the soup] with homemade bread, and a big salad, and fruit for dessert.” TBH, that doesn’t sound half bad, but after that much salt, do human taste buds even work? We have our doubts.

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