She's outdone herself this time! Jill Duggar is no stranger to controversy. She often faces backlash for the way she parents her kid, but outrage may have reached a fever pitch on April 26, when she shared her hack for combining a car seat and umbrella stroller for a convenient way to transport kids in small spaces. Fans found the idea to be wildly dangerous, and they rushed to her comments section to let her know how they felt. Watch the video above to see her "unsafe hack."

In the video, Jill mentioned that she learned the trick from her mom Michelle Duggar, which didn't exactly help her case. "Michelle Duggar is NOT someone we want to be taking parenting advice from," said a fan. "Her litany of parenting hacks include: blanket training, assigning sister moms, turning a blind eye to her son molesting her daughters, using the ATI curriculum, not allowing her daughters to wear pants, denying her children the opportunity to go to university or college, and many many more."

While the safety concerns of fans are definitely legitimate, Jill certainly doesn't use this hack very often. She says it's good for easy in and out access to tight places "like church." In other photos, we've seen that she uses a full stroller and carrier held in her hands to transport the kids most of the time. Some fans thought that it wasn't so bad for that reason. "I get the feeling that she does this literally just to save space when necessary in tight spaces, instead of bringing out the big one, like she said. Some people don't want to have 3 different strollers. It's not worth hating on them for stuff like this, it's not like she does it all the time," said a supporter.

Others moms said they do the same thing, and stood up for Jill. "I used to do this when my kids were babies. The stroller was was very stable. I used to do this when we traveled," said one fan. Another called it "clever" and planned to try the "genius" idea herself. Let's hope she doesn't.

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