As it turns out, not only do the Duggar women love having babies, but they also love delivering them. So much so, that Jill Duggar is starting her own midwife company! That's right, in Jill's household, the woman bring homes the bacon.

Ever since Jill's husband Derick Dillard was fired from TLC's Counting On after attacking 16-year-old trans advocate and fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings in an offensive Twitter rant — the couple has seemingly been unemployed.

Considering Jill, 26, and Derick, 29, have two sons, Samuel, nine months, and his older brother Israel, 3, fans think it's irresponsible for both parents to be out of work. That's why Jill took to Instagram to announce her new business venture, aptly named "Labor Sit."

She captioned post, "Got to help deliver this chunker the other day! ?Sam helped me #laborsit then napped like a champ when the time came! 😉 #midwife #teamwork"

Now, as far as what qualifies Jill to do this — outside of coming from quite possibly the largest family in America — is actually pretty legit! Back in 2015, Jill took to Instagram to show off her certification from the North American Registry of Midwives. According to their website, "A Certified Professional Midwife's (CPM) competency is established through training, education, and supervised clinical experience, followed by successful completion of a written examination."

To be clear, a CPM is not the highest level of midwife, but considering the mother-of-two successfully assisted in delivering a baby on April 19, some fans are confident she can do the same for others — albeit it a very small group. "To say that a CPM isn’t qualified to deliver a baby is ignorant. Their training is extensive. I’m in WA state and CPMs are allowed to take and bill insurance. They are considered trained medical professionals. Pretending they aren’t, just because they aren’t CNMs is ridiculous and uneducated," wrote one user.

The majority, however, were skeptical. "You're nuts to want her to deliver your baby. She's not a midwife," another wrote. In any event, Jill's business is up and running…should you be interested in using her as your midwife.

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