When Jesse Meester returned to 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days to film a segment with his ex Darcey Silva and her boo Tom Brooks, we knew the drama was about to get real. Now, though, Jesse reveals there was something good that came out of that whole mess. While talking exclusively with In Touch, he shared that he and Darcey’s now-ex actually bonded over the fact that they were both allegedly cheated on. And as it turns out, Tom is now his closest friend in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

“Tom and I obviously went through the same thing,” Jesse, 26, told In Touch. “So once we sat down, we literally felt sorry for each other. Like, bro, we’ve been cheated on at the same time. When I was with her, she was with him and the other way around. And then she portrayed it as if she was in contact for four years … It was a big scam. Big scam going on. [It was] very sad to hear all that and see that, for him, too. So I think that, if you talk about bonding, I think [I’m closest with] Tom.”

Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks 'Bonded' Over Darcey Silva Drama
Courtesy Jesse Meester/Instagram; Courtesy Darcey Silva/Instagram

The Netherlands native even opened up about why he didn’t try to give his new pal a heads up when all of the drama was first going down. “The only reason why I kept quiet [is] because [Darcey] loves to play victim, and I wanted to leave no room for her to say, ‘Because of Jesse, my relationship didn’t work.'” It didn’t help that Darcey, 45, was allegedly telling both men bad things about each other. Instead, he waited for a mutual friend to break the ice with both of them — and eventually, Tom approached him. “I’m sorry that Tom went through that, but I knew he was wise enough to eventually get that, which I [also] had to experience myself.”

Jesse Meester and Tom Brooks 'Bonded' Over Darcey Silva Drama

Now that they’ve met up, though, they’re both feeling better. “It was good to sit down,” the reality star admitted. “It was also very confronting because we looked at messages and we were like, ‘God, we both got played big time.'”

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