When Darcey Silva returned to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise, she did it without her ex Jesse Meester. In October 28’s 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days tell-all episode, however, the Netherlands native is back. During the second part of the reunion special, the TLC alum returns to the network to film a segment with his ex and her new boo, Tom Brooks. But viewers who have just tuned in for their first season might not know who Jesse is. Need a quick refresher? Check it out.

Jesse is also from Before the 90 Days.

Though Darcey, 45, and Tom starred on season 3, she and Jesse, 26, were a couple during seasons 1 and 2. The two met each other on Instagram and felt a spark, but before the show even started, the couple didn’t seem to be on the same page. Jesse told the camera that, once he and Darcey could be together in real life, he planned to overhaul her fitness routine. “I’m gonna give her some structure in her life,” he told the audience. “And what I mean with that is … just like a bit of a lifestyle change. So I will bring her to the gym 100 meters away from here.”

Jesse and Darcey had an explosive split.

The stars made such great TV because their relationship had plenty of drama, and eventually the whole thing went up in flames. Jesse even claimed that his ex threw a Louboutin pump at his head during an argument. Though Darcey later made light of the claims, the reality star hunk took the whole thing pretty seriously — and he even wanted to press charges. “Hey Darcey, what a class act,” he wrote after she participated in a joking reenactment of the fight. “I see you are still trying to exploit yourself and make domestic violence seem funny and manipulate what happened. What’s new, right?”

He’s a romantic.

Despite all that, the star still insists that the reason he signed up for the show was because he wanted to share “a beautiful love story” with the world. “I wanted to show the world that it’s possible to date someone older, from a different country, from a different background, different culture,” he said while speaking exclusively with In Touch. “The most important thing in life is love.”

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