It feels like yesterday that Jessa Duggar and her husband, Ben Seewald, welcomed their first child, Spurgeon Seewald, into the world — but it was actually more than two years ago. Since then, fans of the famous family have watched Spurgeon grow up, and we legit cannot believe how big he's gotten. Watch the video above to see the newest photo of Spurgeon!

Jinger Duggar's husband, Jeremy Vuolo, shared the photo on Instagram with the caption, "Spurgeon [and] his little buddy." Jeremy's followers went wild over the shot. "I didn't recognize him at first. He's so big! Very cute too," one person wrote on Instagram. Another said, "Thought this child could not get any cuter, I was wrong. Look at that face, look at that hair, look at that smile — gorgeous child."

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This little guy. 👦🏻💙 He's a cutie alright, but don't let that fool ya! How can 2-year-olds be so cute and innocent, and yet such little stinkers at the same time? . Example: Earlier today, I heard 👶🏼 whimpering. 🤷🏻‍♀️: (I assumed 👶🏼 was trying to steal the favorite fire truck toy from 👦🏻 again, or was at least upset that it wasn't his turn to use it. They'd had this same dispute earlier in the day). "What's wrong?" I asked. 👦🏻 was already lovingly helping little brother toward Mommy, and replied, "Henry hit head." 🙎🏻: "Aw, poor baby." I didn't want to assume anything since I hadn't been a witness. 💭👶🏼's kinda in that clumsy toddler stage, so he is always taking little tumbles or bumping into things. I picked him up, and he was perfectly content again! A while later, as I was nursing 👶🏼 before nap time, I brushed his sweaty hair back from his forehead, and that's when I got a glimpse of this: little red marks in a perfect circle, with a line down the middle. Immediately, I thought "Tail light." . Being the self-proclaimed toddler psychologist that I am, I explored the mind of my 2-year-old: 💭 I bet ya $50 that 👶🏼 was trying to steal the fire truck from 👦🏻, and 👦🏻 took matters into his own hands and bonked 👶🏼 on the head to get him to relent. But when 👦🏻 saw 👶🏼 visibly upset, 👦🏻 felt bad about his choice to hit 👶🏼, and hence switched to consoling and comforting mode. And at this moment, I appeared on the scene. Seems to make perfect sense, right? . I confiscated the evidence (aka: toy fire truck), and… it was a perfect match. 🕵🏻‍♀️#momdetective #boymom Come on now, yall– who out there can relate? 🙈 . P.S. I've always heard it said, "What goes around, comes around." I'm am 100% sure that 👦🏻 is my offspring, because that was totally me in my toddler days. 🙈😆 @jingervuolo, thank you for always loving me and being my BFF, even when I was THAT KID! 👧🏻❤️👧🏻 This gives me confidence that my boys will continue to be best friends forever. 👦🏻💙👶🏼

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Of course, there were plenty of comments about how Spurgeon and Jessa could be mistaken for twins — and Jessa agrees! She previously shared a side-by-side photo of herself at the same age Spurgeon is now, and it's really hard to tell them apart. Between the curly hair, the lips, the nose, and bright blue eyes, it looks like Spurgeon inherited quite a lot of Jessa's genes.

But Jessa didn't just pass down her looks — Spurgeon actually has a lot of the same personality traits his mommy used to have as a kid. The 25-year-old shared a story about the tough relationship between Spurgeon, 2, and her younger son, Henry, 1, at the moment, and revealed that she got herself into the same kind of trouble at Spurgeon's age. She explained how Spurgeon hit Henry on the head with a toy fire truck after Henry was trying to steal it away.

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👈🏼Spurgeon — Me 👉🏼

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The Counting On star added, "I've always heard it said, 'What goes around, comes around.' I'm am 100% sure that [Spurgeon] is my offspring, because that was totally me in my toddler days." She even thanked her sister Jinger for putting up with the behavior.

"@jingervuolo, thank you for always loving me and being my BFF — even when I was THAT KID!" Jessa added. So, yes, if there was any speculation before, things are clear now; Spurgeon is definitely Jessa's baby. LOL.

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