Watch your back, Duggar family fans! When you come for the Counting On stars on social media, Jessa Duggar is going to come for you. And the serious snarker doesn’t hold back. When her parents posted a birthday message for her younger brother Justin, they shared a photo of him getting the requisite birthday chocolate mess from Marketplace Grill. It’s where the TLC family goes for pretty much everyone’s birthday — and one fan took notice. But when they pointed it out in the comments, well, Jessa had the time today to put them in their place. Watch the video above to see what she had to say, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

The snark is real! So real, in fact, that the original commenter actually deleted their message on the post. Guess they didn’t want to be on the mom-of-two’s bad side! But this is hardly the first time that Jessa has unleashed her sassy side and come for the haters that basically live in the Duggar family’s social media comments. Earlier this year, she had no patience when a fan criticized her for using the word “training” about raising her kids. When someone thought they spied a baby bump, she posted a sarcastic Instagram story about a “big announcement” — only to share that her postpartum belly is still shrinking back to normal.

It’s no surprise to long-time fans that Jessa has a bit of an attitude, though. Some have even dubbed her the “mean sister” and “fundie Regina George.” In the past, she clashed with some of her siblings (especially big sis Jana Duggar, who she’s butted heads with before) but these days it seems she saves all her cutting comments for the critics. If you’re not on the other side of it, though, it’s actually kind of sweet. This girl stans for her fam — and only she’s allowed to make fun of them, got it?

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