Does a certain couple in the Duggar family have a secret they’d like to share? Rumors have been swirling about a possible pregnancy announcement from Josiah Duggar and his wife Lauren Swanson, and fans have been on the look out for any signs of a baby bump or clues on Lauren’s now-private Pinterest account. Following rumors that the couple have been “trying for a baby” since their wedding night, though, we’re more sure than ever that a new GrandDuggar just might be on their way. But according to a source close to the couple, they’ve been playing it pretty coy when friends and family ask.

“Josiah and Lauren are having fun keeping her possible pregnancy status a secret,” the source told Hollywood Life. “They are so happy, in love, and excited about this newlywed time in their life that they are keeping everything just between the two of them. When anyone asks them directly about being pregnant, they give a vague answer with a smile.”

But we all agree that that is actually way more shady than just denying all the rumors, right? Leaving everyone guessing just what your smile and shrug means leaves way more room for making assumptions than giving any kind of straight answer, even if it’s a lie. Then again, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re already pregnant. After all, it could just mean that they’re hoping to be pregnant soon and don’t want to jinx anything. Still, why wouldn’t they just say that? At this point, they’re definitely adding fuel to the fire.

With rumors circulating amongst the crew, though, this seems like one step away from confirmation to us. “[That’s] the word behind-the-scenes on production,” a Counting On source told Hollywood Life yesterday. “She comes from a family of nine kids, she’s on the same page as Josiah when it comes to a big family. They’re both still very young themselves but they’re very eager to get started on having kids.”

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