It's not often Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, get dragged online. The "rebel" of the family tends to receive more praise than criticism, but after sharing a photo of her hubby working on a Saturday, fans expressed their concerns. The soon-to-be parents — who are expecting a baby girl in July — will have to change their schedule, according to some. Watch the video above for all the details!

Several commenters also slammed the former professional soccer player for not honoring the Sabbath. Jing's post sparked a fierce debate about when to observe the day of rest. "Early Christians worship on the first day of the week, which is Sunday!" one person wrote matter-of-factly. Another, however, chimed in, "GOD SAID SEVENTH DAY. THATS SATURDAY." A third, however, commented, "Nowhere in the Bible [does] it say the Sabbath has been changed to the first day. The Catholics changed it, not God." A fourth simply said people are allowed to do whatever they want. "People are allowed to worship their day of choice… no one knows what day is the true Sabbath… it's guesstimation!"

Recently, the 30-year-old announced he would be enrolling in The Master's Seminary to pursue a degree in pastoral ministry, despite the school's controversial rape scandal. A former student penned an open letter about her sexual assault and revealed she was forced to apologize to her attacker. "I know I've been raped, and fondled and used as a propped up blow-up doll date for the stranger," she wrote. "I go to the police. They do a rape kit and then stick me in a room where alternating good cop and bad cop question me and accuse me of lying. I confront them and say: 'This is not how you treat a rape victim. I am studying to become a rape counselor and this is the opposite of what you should do.'"

When she went back to her school and alerted her resident director of what happened, she was instead reprimanded for breaking the rules, since she signed a contract promising not to drink or do drugs. "I am horrified. Maybe I asked for this. Maybe I did come on to the stranger. Maybe this is all my fault," she added. "Maybe I have to marry him since he is the only person I have ever had sex with. I have never even kissed a boy before, but maybe that is the only way to make this right." Ultimately, her attacker confessed to his "sin" — but Jane was still asked to apologize to him for the "dress she was wearing at the bar" and for drinking.

Jeremy has yet to comment on the scandal.

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