It's like she's trying to get fired! Jenelle Evans took to Facebook on April 2 to share a mean-spirited meme mocking Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez, and fans aren't having it. She quickly received a lot of backlash. Watch the video above to see the offensive meme.

"Wow. I haven’t got anything else to say. She’s reached a new level of stupidity that I didn’t think possible," wrote one fan on reddit. Another agreed that Jenelle was out of line, saying, "She’s disgusting. I’m done with TM2 as long as she’s still on it. I am also going to email current advertisers and make them aware of Jenelle’s cyberbullying. We see how well that worked out for Laura Ingraham."

The Fox News anchor is now feeling the effects of public outcry after she mocked another Parkland survivor, David Hogg. She taunted the teen for getting rejected from four colleges in a tweet, and now nearly all of her advertisers have pulled their ads from her show. After seeing effects like that, it's unbelievable that Jenelle would do something similar and make fun of one of these brave kids.

Ironically, her husband lost his job after commenting on the Parkland school shooting. He suggested arming teachers, and when a fan disputed him, he went off on a homophobic tirade that got him fired by MTV. Now, many fans want to see Jenelle get similar treatment from the network, but she still insists she's filming for the show.

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